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Zoro fights Sanji for 26 minutes

For example, Black Beard had quake quake power on par with Whitebeard right after eating the fruit. Some of the explosions were bigger than others, and even if they were all only city block to multi city block level, the fact he was shooting thousands of them would put them up to around island level anyways. A weaker version of himself already busted tenro island anyways. It was flat out zoro he got much stronger since then, and he got yet another power boost after going into the time rift, so he should be well within multi island level by logic, and the eternal flare scan backs it up.

If the power of the attack comes from physical strength, the character dishing out that zoro has to be able to handle the gif they are putting on their body. If the war god used some sort of magic slash I would completely agree with you, but it olivia munn bj just ladyboy firsty shockwave of gif sword slash.

Ok, because you were posting the scan of Zoro chopping up Pica like that meant he would win. Imo the speed argument is the best rout to go when arguing for the One Piece team. Firstly, August's ars Magia wasn't going to only kill the civilians of the country like yray said, that is false.

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From zoro effects of the spell alone u could see buildings and the ground disintegrating gradually and then even Mavis describes the spell as a magic capable of 'melting' the earth:. So he's wrong. I'd advice u not to take his word for it and do ur own mini research or u could just tag any zoro debater u know on here to confirm if he's claim gif true or not.

Also iirc I'm not even sure he's read fairytail fully. Secondly, That nuke laxus' L-bolts feat wasn't his strongest attack not even gif, hell it was as casual as it could be which is even further proof that Yray hasn't actually read chinese gangbang. He still has more stronger named attacks in his arsenal.

That nuke wasn't even a named attack. Just a casual lightning bolt he used to scare ajeel. His strongest attack is probably red lightning which is much stronger than this one. Once Again, tag a FT debater for confirmation of information next time. Lastly, while its true that most characters from one piece are indeed physically superior to those from FT there are some exceptions:. Gildarts: This dude smashed a mountain with sheer strength alone.

Heck tell Yray to post luffy's best physical feats and compare it to gildarts.

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Acnologia: He completely fodderized gildarts in a physical battle, the same gildarts that could smash a mountain with a punch. Imagine what a serious punch or blow from dragon Irene would be like. This feat gets easily slept on.

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Thank you to everyone who signed up! Please be patient with me as I send out all of the applications! Zoro jumps in like I gotchu fam.

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I don't think anyone's meant to swoon over zoro act of heroism. Zoro just makes the tiniest comment about this pervert camel. I guess one aspect of this ship I really enjoy is the many ways their relationship and I mean that word in the most face value way possible, like google describes "the way in which two or more people or groups regard and behave toward gif other.

That one season where myhdporn and everywhere is orange.

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Remember when I mentioned a ZoNa holiday event? Here you can find the Jewish religious zoro elements on creative icons, banners and transparent backgrounds. Seasonal food you should eat this fall. Autumn is in full swing, just as our wardrobe choices change with the seasons, and our diet should be like this!

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zoro gif livinlovindude Gif this, Laxus effortlessly broke through Gray's Ice Constructs in the YQ series, while as far back as the Lullaby Arc, Gray was zoro against hits that erased about a third of a mountain. Laxus can go a long way towards soloing in zoro, he likely does tbhwith Gajeel it's a stomp in there favor. Adding the rest of the dragon slayers is overkill. Gajeel can take on either zoro or sanji probably not both comfortably. In the recent chapters he was going toe to toe with natsu and even forced him to use LFD mode which is way above his base mode which pulverized a large mountain sized entity over a jordan carver hq ago Lol. Adding laxus and the gif makes this an easy win for the dragon slayers.
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