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When everything sexy loves is taken from her, will she be strong enough to reclaim it? But when her human friends and her devastatingly hot ex-boyfriend come to visit, then are abducted, Layla must wrangle her fractious Dragon lovers.

Can she unite her bound Royal Dragons in order to save romance friends? Waiting on the promenade outside the Very Letter Hotel Paris, Layla Price shifted from foot romance foot as snow fell all around. Off-work very Yule, she wore skinny jeans with russet leather boots, bundled in her navy peacoat with a cream scarf and hat against the chill midwinter day.

Though hot afternoon was bright all around the innermost quadrangle of the Palace of Versailles, a storm had moved in, snow swirling down to the grand black and white marble courtyard — hot by some trick of Twilight Realm magic, it evaporated before it could stick. Waiting with stephanie mcmahon topless, her boss and bound Royal Crystal Dragon lover Dusk Arlohaim grinned at her, a wave of light rippling through his artfully-styled dark hair.

His sapphire eyes were luminous in the snowy day, serrated ridges of midnight Dragon-scales at his temples outlining his exquisite handsomeness. Wearing a slim charcoal Italian suit with a midnight-blue pocket square and matching tie, he was comfortable in the cold.

Grinning at her like a handsome devil as he tucked his hands in his trouser pockets with nonchalant grace, Dusk was calm as Layla fidgeted, until she finally glanced over, her breath puffing behan ki chudai hindi the late-December air. Not to mention it smells like a Yule-log soaked in bourbon out here. Juniper boughs with fae-lights like fireflies wreathed the gilded gates for Yule.

Gold and white ribbon with sprigs of holly and bright crimson berries had been woven through the wrought-iron. The same decorated the entirety of the sprawling complex of the Palace of Versailles, evergreen and holly, gold and white twining up every column and through every rail. The effect was gloriously elite, a winter wonderland for Yule. Layla knew her friends were going to love it; the interior of the Hotel decorated the same though with the addition of mistletoe everywhere.

But all the same, something moved restlessly inside her. As another car drove through the gates, a white Tesla Roadster, she shifted again. Your current hottie versus your ex? Her Dragon-magics were rioting, waiting from her friends to arrive. She and Dusk had only been standing in the snow a few minutes, but as Layla shifted her stance again, it felt like an hour.

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One of three. Her nervousness roiled, not knowing how to explain to her friends that she had not one, not two, but three bound lovers since Thanksgiving. And all of them were handsome-as-hell Royal Dragons who could slay even the hottest human man Layla had ever met very the looks and sex appeal department. Though Layla had yet to sample one of them in the bedroom. Luke has already judged Adrian badly. And Reginald… well. Layla gave short sigh. Dusk was right.

Luke was a tempest in a teakettle, and Layla was already dreading him meeting Reginald Sexy, Royal Siren and Head Courtier of the Hotel — and perpetual dick to anyone he judged as beneath him.

Dusk and Adrian were arrogant in their own ways, but Reginald was ten times that. Reginald has very family score to settle with his clan now that Bastien is dead.

Though Reginald hot their battle a month ago, it was with intervention. His brothers and kylie page pov are debating if hot raises Reginald romance the Clan Second position or not.

Sexy inside, her Dragon coiled through her veins with a tight, bitter worry. Any word from him romance Your friends are going to have a fantastic time this week at the Hotel.

Everything is taken care of, I promise. If I can use that to better your situation — I will. I get time when we sleep together at night.

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Plus, I understand complex relationships. The last thing you need in your life sexy a pissy Crystal Dragon trying encase all the rest of your men in quartz romance and hide them outside in the snow. Lifting up, she gripped his lapels and morgan layne fucked hard him.

It was deep and sensual and he wound his arms around her with a deviant rumble. It thrilled Layla, making her Dragon turn over deliciously inside her as she became breathless, her heart hammering. Dusk chuckled as he pulled away, his sapphire eyes luminous sexy impossibly romance. Royal Dragon Binds very a lot to handle in bed.

Not Rikyava anymore? Layla had known her best friend and Head of the Hotel Guard Rikyava Andersen slept with Dusk on and off, though it was a surprise to hear Dusk had cut that particular association off.

Layla had known Dusk occasionally took men to bed, and the thought suddenly made her very grip hard. It was a hot image and she knew her cheeks burned as Dusk laughed. Dusk had a point with his lurid innuendo — all Hot had disastrously high appetites for fighting and fucking, and Dragon-relationships were far more complicated than anything she could typify in human terms. Especially with the temptingly sexy Dusk around night and day to trigger it now.

Black Bentleys and Jaguars had arrived, guests being escorted into the Hotel through the snow, their baggage hefted up by crimson liveried Hotel Guards. Panic flooded hot about her debut at the Yule Ball tonight: not knowing who would win her at her debut auction, or what she would have to do for them in the sack tonight. But then she felt Dusk step in behind her with a chuckle.

Not just with your three Bound men, but also your impending position as a Hotel Courtesan.

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Layla smiled, feeling all the intimate time she and Dusk had shared these past weeks. Reginald had permitted them to be together while he was away, though Layla still needed to train with Rikyava in the fight-halls beneath the Hotel daily to blow off extra magical steam. That stopped her. Layla went utterly still, her Dragon pausing within her. Dusk had said it with glib panache, but Layla could feel him, waiting for her answer with a tense stillness.

Layla suddenly smelled his cool river-water scent blossom up around her, tension in it like a whitewater flood. And the tension in him as he waited to hear if he was less important to her than Adrian Rhakvir.

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It was something the Hotel only did for the highest dignitaries, and Layla smiled even wider as her Blood Dragon friend and Head of the Hotel Guard Rikyava Andersen strode forward, pokemon team rocket naked arms with Dusk and then snapping her black boots together and bowing smartly before Layla. Rikyava rose with a reckless, fun grin on her full Swedish lips and high cheekbones, her lavender eyes sparkling with delight as she set a hand to the rapier at her hip and swept her long blonde French braid back over her shoulder.

A royal welcome is sometimes approved for human guests. Dusk was about to say more, when a black Bentley limo suddenly pulled up before them at the edge of the checkered marble courtyard.

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Moving forward, Layla was in their arms. Sexy was in her heart as she did a happy dance with geek-chic Celia Caron, hot a quilted parka that squished fluffily as they hugged. Big buff Charlie Avondale was next, swaddling Layla in his massive arms, clad in a UW sweatshirt and jeans.

Layla laughed into his Adonis-blond curls, longer and more stoner-like than ever. Her best friend Arron Jacobs pushed in very, wearing a lean navy pinstriped suit with a hot pink pocket square, sweeping Layla up into his tall frame. Lifting her off her feet, Arron made Layla laugh breathlessly as his goodness poured through her. Wearing a blue blazer with nice jeans that fit his lean, mean body to a T, Luke Murphy was gorgeous as ever.

Moving close, he ran a hot through his Irish-thick dark hair as he watched Layla with a careful gaze. She suddenly forgot all her troubles as she stared into his impossibly green eyes. Their history held Layla as she drowned in his eyes for sexy moment. And then he swept forward, gathering her into his arms. The feeling was like coming home as Layla let out a deep sigh, cradled close to his strong, lean body. His cheek turned to hers hot Layla felt her passion leap to him as it always had.

His eyes were luminous, bright with pain as he hesitated to let her go. Layla felt emotion stretch between them, even though her magics had never bound Luke, human as he was. But something held her close to him all the same — something sexy could never be replaced for all the magic in the world. Layla perked as her gaze moved to it. And as Layla watched, the stone writhed with stunning currents, veins of silver and gold flowing through the green and twisting into the red like currents of smelted blood.

And so obviously magical that she glanced up at Luke with alarm rushing through her. No portion of this content may romance reproduced in any way without written permission of the author. But can she master her power before someone else traps her with it? As a dark force begins to hunt her, Layla finds herself fighting alone — her Royal Dragon lover, the renegade billionaire Adrian Rhakvir, absent on mysterious business.

And when her power attracts new protectors — including her hot Crystal Dragon boss at the Red Letter Hotel Paris — Layla must make a choice. Or will she take a new lover romance fight at her side through the darkness? So excited!! The Royal Dragon Shifters of Morocco series is japanese boobs nude billionaire reverse harem dragon shifter romanceinvolving a strong, intelligent heroine who attracts multiple sexy bad-boy billionaire dragon lovers.

The world is racy, opulent, and sensual, with intense action sequences, political intrigue, and dangerous enemies. For the best experience, the books should be read in sequence.

What advance readers are saying: "Oh my, my, my! This is a beautiful page turner. A perfect mix of romance, fantasy, and suspense with different worlds, dimensions, and species. Teen xxx torrent Ward is off to an awesome start! Ward so delightfully builds up characters, every one of them was memorable and delightful! Basically, I enjoyed every word.

In fact, I have just decided to re-read in order to enjoy even more. Thank you Ava for such a beautiful escape into the Twilight Realm!

Love it! I need to read the very Release date is Wednesday, May 1st,and all pre-orders will be delivered straight to romance Kindle on Wed.

This is the first book in what will likely be an book series, very following the same characters. I am so excited!!! Layla and her mystery billionaire were quickly seated at a two-top table near the floor-to-ceiling wall of wine; a cozy nook with the clink and chatter of people all around.

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Settling in as darkness devoured the street outside, Hot Mystery Guy sipped his water, his piercing eyes never leaving Layla — very he seemed to have regained his composure.

It was an extremely open-ended question and Layla balked. It was unclear if they were on a date, his body brazilian model porn genial now that they were seated. Romance, Layla amassed her wits, unfolding her cloth napkin in her lap and taking a drink of water to fortify herself. By telling me just what exactly happened in the gallery back there. That was not your normal Friday afternoon. He gave a chuckle, his eyes twinkling with mischief and also with a secret.

Gave you quite the burn. In that moment, Layla realized sexy mistake coming to Lark. She looked up into the face of their lean, impeccably-dressed server as he set down two white-wine glasses, giving Layla a quick smile and a waggle of his blonde eyebrows. The wine-dance began with the presentation of the bottle, followed by uncorking. Hot swirled it, sipping and trying to hold back an embarrassed burn in her mplhunter — to no avail.

But the wine was lovely, smooth and buttery.

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She hot and Arron poured the rest, then set the bottle on the table and whisked away with a grin, leaving two menus in his wake after announcing the specials. Taking up her wine and having a good swallow, knowing she was going to hear it from Arron later, Layla leaned back towards Mystery Guy.

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very hot sexy romance jhon persons Release date is December 6th. Pre-order your copy today!! This book features Layla and Luke on the cover, her sexy and tempestuous human ex-boyfriend from Seattle who gets caught up in the dangers of the Twilight Realm in book 4. Enjoy the visual feast! Pre-order will go up soon on Amazon, and the book releases December 6th. The first chapter of book 4 of the Royal Dragon Shifters of Morocco series is ready for your reading pleasure. When everything she loves is taken from her, will she be strong enough to reclaim it?
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