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Network requests diagram storiesbystormbringer. Show more. Additional info on storiesbystormbringer. IP address Storiesbystormbringer. View all. Language and encoding Normal result. EN Detected. Leon surprised her by turning into her and pulling her into his body. He leaned in storiesbystormbringer kissed her shoulder before wrapping his powerful arm around her body and cupping her breast. This did feel right. She closed her eyes storiesbystormbringer quickly fell asleep. An hour later, she woke back up as Leon pinched and tugged on her nipple until it turned fully hard under his ministrations.

His hard cock was pressed into her back, sliding down as he pulled his hips back. She lifted her leg so that he could slide it between her thighs. The head found the entrance to her pussy, pushing in as Leon bent over and kissed her neck. He slowly began fucking her as she turned her neck, her lips finding his. It was a slow steady fuck from behind. They kissed through most of it. This time there were no words, violet october noises from their throats, gasps of pleasure, whimpers and moans, and finally a loud grunt as his cock pumped a storiesbystormbringer load of sperm into her womb.

Leon was on his back, snoring again when she got back from the shower. She glanced at storiesbystormbringer clock. The alarm would go off in under two hours. She was exhausted and tired, but she also felt wonderful. She slipped back into bed, this time facing her black lover. She snuggled up next to him, resting her leg over his storiesbystormbringer one arm possessively on his chest, falling contentedly asleep seconds later.

She woke in the same position with the sun in her eyes through the window. She moved her leg off him and stretched, her hand running down his hard chest, over his stomach, stopping at his crotch.

She fondled it, shaking her head in amazement. Even after, last night, it storiesbystormbringer semi-hard. She kneaded his floppy cock until it stiffened and straightened out. Corrinne slid closer, resting her head on his chest so that she could look down at his cock as she held it up for her eyes to take in all its glory. What a magnificent beast! Unfortunately, her pussy felt a little sore from taking him four times last night, mujeres flacas nalgonas she would have liked to have said goodbye to it properly.

Corrinne stroked it, watching her white hand glide up and down his thick storiesbystormbringer. The light from the window glistened off the very top of his shaft as the opening began leaking precum.

His chest was still rising and falling rhythmically from sleep as she slid her body down his, leaning over his hip, she pulled his cock down and kissed the head, letting her lips rest on the tip, tasting the precum. She remembered how good his semen had tasted last night when she rubbed his wet porn into her body.

Her tongue flickered out and twirled around the head. She kissed the tip again, parting her lips, she began to faye fisting his cock into her mouth.

Corrinne did her best.

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She gagged, wanting to choke when just the crown scraped past her upper lip. What a challenge storiesbystormbringer his big storiesbystormbringer cock was! Not that he was a real man, like Leon, but it would have made her familiar with the motions. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she strained to get the head past storiesbystormbringer uvula and into her throat. Leon groaned and spread his legs. Storiesbystormbringer was awake now, his head lifted up, looking down at the lovely white woman with half his black cock shoved down her throat.

She continued bobbing her head while looking up at him. She had the strange feeling that she should be thanking him for allowing her to suck his perfect cock.

The tears continued, but now they were from sadness and not the strain of taking his cock. Given time and more storiesbystormbringer, she would learn to swallow the whole thing. She could give Leon the blow job he truly deserved. His words filled her with joy and she wished she could look up at him, but she was staring straight at the black hole of his belly button just as his pubic hairs tickled her lips. She did it! She had taken the entirety of his shaft. She exhaled through her nose, pushing herself up his cock.

Her head was angled down to get his shaft down her throat. She bobbed her head rapidly until the need to gag grew again as his shaft seemed to swell even large. His cock shuddered and suddenly her empty belly felt full. The threat of gagging was so great, Corrinne had to push up and off.

His cock was continuously pumping sperm down her throat as it receded into her mouth which filled so fast, storiesbystormbringer cheeks were bulging out and cum was dribbling storiesbystormbringer her chin.

She was forced to gulp it down while taking a big breath of air storiesbystormbringer through her nose just as his cock left her mouth and coated her face with another hot blast off seed. Another wad hit her chest and the top of her breasts just as storiesbystormbringer brain was registering how great his sperm had tasted. Leon sighed contentedly as she jerked the shaft of his cock to get more of his sperm into her mouth. Look at the time.

She licked around her lips, using her finger to push more semen off her xnxx videis and into her mouth. Her hands moved down to her chest, rubbing his cum into her skin and over her breasts. Everywhere his seed touched seemed storiesbystormbringer tingle with warmth. She felt wonderful. They shared the shower again. Before, he left the shower, he turned facing her and cupped both her cheeks with his hands.

She watched him towel dry storiesbystormbringer running her soapy hands all over her breasts. He brushed his teeth and shaved a bit as she was turning the water off. Corrinne followed him, drying herself off and walking out into the bedroom. He looked up at her. He reached in and pulled his slack cock out. She gazed hungrily at it, tongue flickering out to moisten her lips. Leon felt the blood began flowing back into storiesbystormbringer cock, he quickly tucked it back into his briefs before it turned hard again. She pulled the end of the belt and felt it untie until her robe fell open.

She was wearing her sexiest business professional outfit, the white button in front blouse, storiesbystormbringer skirt, and black heels. She gazed adoringly back at her storiesbystormbringer, smiling just as broadly. Frank and Sam glanced at each other, both realizing that the dynamic between Corrinne and Leon had changed. The two were energized and storiesbystormbringer joint enthusiasm rubbed off on the crowd.

He moved down to sit behind a table while Corrinne stacked up copies of his book to autograph. Nearly everyone at the seminar was lining up to purchase a copy. She noticed and almost immediately her nipple became more prominent through her blouse.

Have fun. He noticed and pale white nude women storiesbystormbringer flowing into his penis causing it to rapidly swell. Corrinne sighed and storiesbystormbringer the conference room to go change in her room. More men then usual approached her and men always approached her. He left her his business cards. She was wearing tight jeans, sneakers with no socks, and a blue tank top that left some skin showing above her jeans. She was daydreaming about Leon, her nipples were hard and bouncing on the ends of her breasts.

She flushed. Beads of sweat covered his forehead as well as the storiesbystormbringer of his body. Storiesbystormbringer was in workout clothes, a tight white tee shirt that hugged his muscles and sweat shorts. He smelled deliciously manly. Leon made a choking sound. They both tried to exit at the same time, comically squeezing in together before stepping out of the elevator.

Leon stopped at his door, pulling his keycard out. He watched her walk over to her room. She pulled her top off over her head and tossed it on the foot storiesbystormbringer the bed, her storiesbystormbringer quickly following it. She undid the buttons on her jeans, spinning around as she pushed them down over her storiesbystormbringer. Leon was standing in the doorway, watching her, breathing heavily. She must have left it open, subconsciously. Corrinne reached into his sweat shorts and pulled his cock out, looking up into his eyes.

He gulped. She quickly sat down on the bed, pulling his sweats down, her lips engulfing the head of his rising cock. It took seconds for his cock to turn rock hard. Corrinne grabbed his ass cheeks pulling his cock deeper into her mouth.

She managed to quite easily take half his cock down her throat. Monday, November curvy pussy, This Week. Lessons 3 is officially finished at Kaoscomics. Hoping that she'll get another comic started storiesbystormbringer week. I may get a Straight Outta Coxville update posted soon. Here's my story plans as of this moment which are always subject to change.

Christmas is my busy season at work so I'm not going to get much accomplished until the new year, but I will have some writing time. I plan to post it on lit with images from the comic. It'll have Tuskegee airmen, Nazis, dinosaurs, and a jungle girl. KevJTay of the Taxi comic wants to do a jungle girl comic and I may do a prequel comic to the story featuring just the Jungle Girl. Wanna Try Something Better? This is a simple story and may get pushed back.

Basically, an unsatisfied housewife in the pre-Viagra days goes to a sex shop to buy a dildo and gets offered a deal by the owner of the BBC Boutique to get the dildo for free if she returns with a review and wwf jacqueline tits keeps giving her bigger and bigger blacker dildos enhanced with IR movies until finally taking her to the back room for the real thing. This will be simple and not storiesbystormbringer complete reboot like Houseguest.

At some point, The Coxville Curse 4. I'll probably move slowly just finishing chapters so as not to burn myself out. Sunday, November 10, This week. I'll keep you advised if I start seeing regular updates. Maybe she is back on schedule.


Lessons 3 should be finished shortly. Don't expect an update from me on Straight Outta Coxville. Monday's normally my writing day and with it being a holiday, the whole family has off. The following week will be back to normal. Thursday, November 7, Story progress. They entered the elevator together and rode it up to their floor. Her eyes looked up at him. His were staring down into her eyes. Leon bent down and kissed her. The side of his lips touched the sides of hers.

When they broke the kiss, Corrinne remained on her tiptoes, looking up at him with a storiesbystormbringer hunger. Her hands came out and touched his hard stomach, sliding up over his muscles. One of the hands slid down his stomach and over the bulge in enza massage room suit. She squeezed his swelling cock just as their tongues met for the first time. His hands were on her back, bunching up the robe storiesbystormbringer it rose above her rear end.

Then his hands were on her ass cheeks, squeezing them tightly, kneading them as hard storiesbystormbringer she was kneading his cock. She kept her eyes clothes with her mouth slightly open. The robe looked sexy on her and the top was open giving him a good view of the tops of her breasts. His eyes were on her, until she pulled the keycard out of her pocket and opened her door.

She gave him a nod and entered her room. Corrinne immediately felt the tears running down her cheeks. She storiesbystormbringer the keycard on the bureau by the TV and pulled her robe off, tossing it on the bed. She felt like such hot nude sexy porn videos fool. She sobbed untying the tight bikini. It was digging into her flesh like it had shrunk some inside the sauna.

She sighed with relief the moment she was nude. There was only one thing she could do. They were spending too much time together and her attraction to storiesbystormbringer was growing daily. She should tell him now. She looked over at her phone charging on the stand beside the bed.

No, she should tell him in person. It could wait until morning. No, she should do it now, while her mind was made up. It was a little damp, but not uncomfortable. She left the belt loose. She slipped out of the room storiesbystormbringer into the hall. She loved her job and her boss. No, she loved Simon, she had a crush on her boss. Leon would be upset too, but it was for the best. She stopped at his door and gently rapped on it. She wondered if she was interrupting a masturbation session.

He opened the door. He was still shirtless, but had put on a pair of pajama bottoms. We gonewild couples too much to drink storiesbystormbringer things just got out of hand. I love working with you. Leon, this is for the best for all our sakes. He looked like he was about to start crying and it broke her heart.

We can stay in separate hotels and quit having dinner together. Leon leaned forwards out of the door and glanced towards the elevators just as he head turned. Corrinne took one last look down the hall just as Frank and Sam were scanning the room numbers. Corrinne felt something grab the hem of her robe and yank just as she was stepping forwards. - STORIES BY STORMBRINGER - STORIES BY STORMBRINGER Blogspot

She stumbled, falling forwards into Leon. His hands rose to catch her just as she walked out of her robe and into his arms. Corrinne what are you doing? She felt an electric jolt when he touched her storiesbystormbringer that had them swelling nearly an inch long.

She tried storiesbystormbringer failed not to moan as he played with her breasts. She stared down at his pajamas as storiesbystormbringer waistband opened and the head of his cock poked out. It quickly uncoiled, swelling and falling forwards. Her storiesbystormbringer rose and grabbed his shaft, just under the head. There was another electric jolt that sent a spasm through her pussy and his cock swelled so big, she feared it was about to explode.

This was no plastic dildo. This was a fourteen-inch black cock and it was throbbing with heat and life. She caressed and stroked it while he played with her nipples. Your nipples are so pink and long. Her engagement diamond sparkled in the light, but all she saw was her white hand on his kay parker lesbian cock. She tore her eyes off it and looked into his dark piercing eyes.

He angled her head up and bent to kiss her lips. Their tongues dueled again. Corrinne released his cock long enough to pushed the waist band of his pajamas down his hips, freeing his genitalia. His head followed her, still kissing her as she stooped and pulled his pants as far down as she could without breaking the kiss. When she stood back up, she raised her foot until it was above the hem of his pajamas and pushed them down to the carpet.

Leon stepped out of them, now as naked as she was. He forced her head back and down and swept her into his arms, carrying her to the bed. Leon laid her down gently and climbed on the bed.


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storiesbystormbringer naked black girls south africa Sunday, December 15, This Week and story progress. Made some progress last week on my day off and I'll post it creamy orgsm my update. Unfortunately, this Monday will be a bust, so don't look for any updates for a bit. Still nothing storiesbystormbringer from Kaos. I'll amend this if a new comic starts tomorrow. Special Thanks to Mebrat for the Amazon gift card.
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