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Reactions: ReddLen Nudespopoto-chan and 6 others. MW Guest kiwifarms. Reactions: Len Kagamoney and LtCucumber. Low Tide Guest kiwifarms. Some one nudes in the thread said she had no friends in school that were girls. She did have at least one who later on transitioned and is now named Derrick. They also apparently made skit videos together when they were in high school. This one covers when and how they met, and they watch a Milo Stewart video. Spoiler: Video. Spoiler: Some Tweets June doesn't think onion patch creep is a pedo.

Spoiler: OT Greg apparently made a video about post-modernism awhile back. Cause they are some of the worst ppl in society if u ask me. If something bad happens to him due to this, oh well "shrugs". I have no sympathy for these degenerates. Thanks shoe0nhead 9. Who thinks like this? This man has a YouTube car, yet Yiutube wants to remove subliminal channels. Thanks x 2. Better yet put them all on an island and let them abuse each other until they eventually take each other out.

They are sentencing their victims to a lifetime shoe0nhead hell. Thanks x 8. Kill it. Pedos looove talking about themselves, but listen to the children thats been abused!

What shoe0nhead this "love" do for them? I hate them. I'm fuming. Thanks x 1. Why hasn't this guy's YouTube channel been shut down? I don't believe she has an identity crisis. People nudes often expressed to her how they thought she bore a high resemblance to Boxxy, and I think she just used to that to boost herself, or whatever. To each their own, but this is just my opinion.

I'm not saying she's great, I'm not saying she's bad. Frankly, I'm a bit peeved you said I was white knighting her just because I had a different perspective on the things you posted.

I'm just being honest. I don't know much of the people being discussed in these forums, but shoe0nhead was a familiar name so I tossed in my two cents. I feel like I've established myself shoe0nhead a shoe0nhead SJW on this forum, obviously, but again, I disagree with a lot of what she says, even if it does make logical sense.

She also fat-shames a lot, which is just not okay, in my opinion. In one of her feminism videos, she uses the video of the woman walking through the streets of New York getting cat-called and calls her "fat-butt mcgee". It's refreshing to hear unpopular opinions, the type that in this PC age you're not allowed to say.

Nudes that new Ghostbusters movie, I really liked her honest critique of it. I thought it was the most fair review I'd seen on it. I was so tired of people trying to force me to believe it was good and if you said, "I don't agree I really resented that. However, she gave a very shoe0nhead opinion of it. I have to say, as other commenters have, I agree with several of her views on the state of modern feminism.

What went on the promotion of the new "Ghostbusters" movie summed up a lot of that. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Anyway, sage for irrelevancy. Just think the "she's trying to be Boxxy" thing nudes super fucking stupid. She acts nothing like her. Far back as shoe0nhead, most of 'em were beta males who did hipster YouTube clips or they were coders who took neetbux. Then there was one guy she met who literally warped her into this negative monster she tries to live up to now.

Even making a Facebook page to add them on, like a true attention whore. Then she finds this mysterious, vicious, mean guy. It was like next level attention slutty or e-Cucking. Nudes wanted him to publicly humiliate her own little submissive male fans.

She was constantly posting worshipping rough bondage pictures about him like "meet me on video chat shoe0nhead to make her other "friends" jealous, and people would either praise him or nobody would comment on it because she would tag the guy and he would mock them and she'd gang up on them.

It was like the fastest way to get her to hate you or turn on you. She seemed a little too dependent on him, and of course since her taste is the Asshole type, it self-destructed in her lap. From what I remember they would do audio live streams together without cams and lure her youtube viewers in to hurt their feelings, I even remember them calling people "cuck" and this was in like so she's had a raging hard-on for 4chan forever.

I think the guy ironically even also wore the same shoe0nhead of head gear that AS wears, or at least some similar gimmick. Looks like any mention of him has been wiped from her pages, much like all the other guys who were in her life. Like icloud leaked videos Long Island stripper scum, she sucks off of them and moves on to the next one.

But if you watch her older cringey vlogs and videos, you can find references to it and see exactly where she flipped and turned into what would later be adapted politically with all the alt-right pandering and currently her centrist fake liberal pandering. I found her through Unichan and I am convinced this shoe0nhead changed her from the ground up, sometimes in her newer videos when she gets a little too worked up, she sounds exactly how this guy did when they would be attacking her youtube whiteknights.

He at least gave her confidence to be a shameless asshole. It seems she is a negative soul, and she craves obtuse negativity and cruelty to somehow feed into her bbc gay anal to know her friends or her man can make her feel secure, either with words or attacks. AS isn't nearly as savage, persistant or quick as this guy was, she definitely has a type though and it's the Asshole pinoy salsal she'll copy for a few years until he treats her like dirt and katerina hartlova lactating they breakup she collects nudes and keeps a piece of them as her own persona.

I don't necessarily hate her, I just think it's sad that she's mentally disturbed and acting like this and we all saw it coming, and slowly saw her nudes, pathetic fetishes materialize in real time.

I don't think she even pretends to respect her followers and subs. Her and Greg make fun of them all the time, and she constantly starts twitter arguments with her nudes. Maybe she had a dominant abusive ex before this guy, and it turned her into an alpha widow. This is quite a common pattern. She craves seeing her guy as someone on either a intellectual, comedic, or fame pedestal who shames people publicly.

She wants someone showy who knows how they want to manage nudes and try to control the conversation or argument. AS is not gonna last. None of them do, she's one of those types that leeches power off of a guy and tries to recreate it herself. She has only had 1 other asshole boyfriend that I know of since she became somewhat popular on youtube, and I know he had a local TV show or something. All the other ones were beta males she would order around. She's a gold digger who doesn't care about money because she's probably a trust fund baby set for life.

It was from that moment, porn tube teen free her on what she's stated at least, that Shoe became a leech.

Like when someone who's obsessed with having attention can fall under the histrionic personality definition? It's something I'm interested in because ever since the advent of reality TV and social media it's so much easier to see people always under the spotlight and to analyse how they behave.

So many of the cows on this site seem to behave like this: find a suitable, more well known personality to leech onto usually male and stay with them only so long as they're useful. Then leech them either because they have their fall from grace or because someone "better" comes around.

It's almost like a parody of what is usually understood to be the relationship between a provider male and a "traditional" woman. I always pictured her coming from one of those scuzzy Italian NY neighborhoods. However, she got implants so early on probably in her late teens so her family must have the money to spare.

Not to mention she was a NEET after dropping out of college after like, a month or something which means her parents would have been paying for everything. And when that dude starts showing any signs of weakness, that's when they leave. Her exes may have been betas, but we don't know the circumstances. She was a NEET so who is to say she wasn't using these guys for beta bux until a true Splenda Daddy asshole like Skeptic came along nudes she fell head over heels for him. Histrionic personality disorder perhaps. Ofc she lurks lolcow.

They don't even realize they're being taken for a ride. No wonder so many women are jumping on the traditionalist youtuber bandwagon. She barely had interaction with black people until the black boyfriend she's embarrassed of now. Her stints shoe0nhead being "unkempt and unwashed" were out of depression and loneliness, also she was awful at doing make up early on and over-does it now.

She takes multiple showers daily, which could be tied into her hair disorder. Her family isn't rich but they have plenty. She's had low self esteem, which results in her taking on a more shut-in routine and clinging to someone she can text all day and build up a big fake personality with.

Her relationship of the moment defines her personality of the moment, and it defines what her "fans" or "friends" joke about to her. She loves being a character. She loves people joking about any little trait in her life she can come up with and "promote. If she has even a small group of fans enabling them and drawing awful cutesy cartoons of them, or making a show of how sexyyyyy they are together, she feels a false security and like she belongs somewhere.

I've seen this happen 1 other time with her. She doesn't talk about any of shannon twins nude ex's but you can tell the 1 other asshole she fed off of was her inspiration. She mostly went after neets, the guy she's with now is a neet who does an impression of an upwardly mobile person. He's trying to keep the hobby of being "famous" afloat.

He can't even get a real job. He just 'plays' the part of a dom, he looks the part enough from her perspective, being tiny and with low standards, you're gonna end up with something like that guy. They both get to be fake together and convince strangers it's real. They love the idea of being a reality show where they don't need to be themselves, because they probably can't stand who they really are.

They bury it and feed off of each other's willingness to deny reality and brag, brag, brag, even if it isn't reality. With things like that, she does at least have some integrity or maybe spanking galore. She's had a decent paying job for a long time, and she's commented many times about not knowing what stupid shit to buy with all the extra money she's got. It's a shame, because she is pretty charming and if she DOES have knowledge about something, she can be very on point.

She goes from movement to movement, trying to fit in and be a commentator. She shoe0nhead a video gamer whatsoever and even admitted during that gamergate thing that she bought a Nintendo DS or something and had no idea how to play.

She just wanted to be heard about something, anything. Attention is paramount. How do you know all of this? I thought she was cool at first, until she started displaying this evil vitriol for people who questioned her relationship or why the guy she was with was so overbearing.

She was very open nudes her fans originally which is how I know so much. Until she became like a sidekick of the guy who was mentioned in shoe0nhead before, then she really started displaying a more careful approach, she locked down her real shoe0nhead which nobody seems to know and suddenly her videos were all about talking shit about people or things, which she admittedly got pretty good at through all that.

She found her niche, and now she gets what she wants. This entire video, tracey de santa nude especially the last 5 mins when her boyfriend is opening the presents is the cringiest shit. June, I know teri hatcher nip slip love being treated like a servant, but it's time to stop making your daddy dom so many bread sandwiches.

Lay off the carbs, Greg. I remember her sjw rant and he wasnt even that big. Imagine the weight of his big gut on top of you during sex. Shoe0nhead would anyone watch 17 minutes of them fucking golfing and then post a comment nudes "and then they fucked kekekekekek Overwatch efi porn Like at least find an attractive couple to obsess over.

You think with how high and mighty she is she get a good-looking guy. Also, is it just me or does Greg sound really out of breath from just walking at around ? Also mainly lack of curves and the contralto, with the Noo Yawker accent makes her sound like she's a Mafia princess fallen mafia princess.

Why people are thirsting over her, when there are far hotter girls in shoe0nhead 'fake trad waifu' movement, I have no idea. Her new video was just…not funny.

I know June is capable of producing funny, low brow content but most of her shit falls flat for me personally these days. Also, the longer and longer these people make these videos, it becomes clear that they would be literally nothing without feminism.

If every single problem they claim is caused by feminism was solved tomorrow, their well of content would be completely dry and they would actually have to develop interesting personalities and content. Their fanbase are mostly 'tumblr anti-sjws', which is code for socially stunted basement dwellers with gay fanart blogs, weird kinks, and anime icons. Basically both the left and the alt right wants nothing to do with these people. They prove nothing And I still ain't convinced the "standing on a box in front of a door" is her. Her Shoeonhead channel is mostly always going to be about Feminism whereas as her alternate account ShoeOffHead would be nudes she posts anything else.

And in her nudes livestream when asked what she'd do if her youTube boat sank, what would she do to which she responded with just going back to her skin care profession. So I think she's going to be okay. If so, thanks a ton for the wank material June. Plz leak more. I didn't say that June would never amount to anything to life. I'm sure she will be fine in the outside world, but without it her feminism shit I can see her YouTube career drying up because she has no other knowledge or solid opinions to share on politics or other societal issues that she seems to want to align herself with.

She only goes for low hanging fruit. And like I said, that's funny sometimes. Without Feminism she most likely wouldn't have anything to fall back on outside of maybe just being another vlogger or possibly makeup guru.

And while she does tend to go for the low-hanging fruit, I don't mind that as I like to laugh and she has this sense of aura that can make things funny, at least for the spark of the moment. Shoe for me is just more of an entry-level "anti-feminist" content creator.

Someone more casual you can watch nudes you don't mind her sense of humor. Had Shoe started out with a more serious tone and gradually became what her content is now, I would probably have a problem but since she started out with a basic, somewhat comedic approach, I have nothing to complain about really.

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But yeah, even with her implants she's still flatter nudes her own character. It took this girl 10 years to learn how to apply eyeliner properly to her Annoying Orange eyes. It's hot if it's June doing it herself. No one cares, pervert.

People on Twitter are digging up dirt on her right now to have Sh0e and nudes boyfriend deplatformed from some event at the end of the month. I have no idea why any self-respecting person would pay money to hear them speak in the first place.

Neither of shoe0nhead have anything interesting to say and Sh0e seems like she would be a terrible public speaker. And they are both painfully ignorant. Makes shoe0nhead feel bad for the attendees. She usually tries to present herself as this very innocent, all-accepting figure that just wants everyone to nudes kind to each other and all of this speaks to the opposite.

At the very least these screenshots show her to be an asshole. The funny part is that if she were in some kind of livestream situation and somebody brought this up, I doubt she would be able to defend these screenshots.

She would play submissive and stutter through it, making excuses for herself. The baby talk, the bunny obsession, the creepy adoration of her boyfriend and kate england naked way she dresses to look like nudes 10 years younger than she actually is.

She also likes to pretend she's some kind of "rational centrist" but she has said some really vile stuff. Some nudes don't seem to realise how horrible she is.

It's like she has two sides ot her personality. When I wrote that shoe0nhead post I had two videos in mind. And if you watch her in livestreams with other people, it's like she has no backbone and just tries to make everyone happy and get along. The baby talk, the bunny obsession This. I remember going to her twitter and seeing "edgy" tweets sandwiched with those "cutesy" ones.

TBH its a tactic quite a few twitter idiots use to try and make themselves look not too harsh but nice, i've noticed it used on quite a few d-list brit "celebs" Some time ago she made a joke about how her boyfriend could not help raping her when she was underage because she had "huge tits". For extra edge points she addressed this tweet to feminists, when she got backlash she pretended they had just set upon her for no reason I wish I had saved the tweet at the time, its clear that people dont just seek her out as she likes to put on but that shes baiting so she can play victim later.

Inb4 her nudes knights start barking again. If I do find this stuff will post so sage for now but your post summarises her perfectly. After checking her IG, I'm horrified to see she's even more try hard, edgelord, alt-right pandering, and overall cringey than Anisa.

It's like she's the ultimate NLOG parody. The pathetic need to nudes offensive for attention shoe0nhead pic relatedthe regurgitation of dumb memes and alt-right buzzwords, the over the top worshiping her lame boyfriend, the playing the victim after being called out for her shit. She has zero respect for herself and is showcasing that proudly in front shoe0nhead thousands young impressible girls!

And I'm sure that she really does think these things, she doesn't just say them for attention. I hesitate to say that she "sells out" other women, because of course she has shoe0nhead obligation to her entire gender or anything like that, but the way she says all of the demeaning shit about women that velvet sky lesbian male audience wants to hear is something that will never make sense to me.

She's trying really hard to have the "edgy, sexy, shoe0nhead one of the guys" thing going on. And I'm sure it won't end very well for her. Kind of like Lauren Nudes. She spouted all that bullshit about women's sexual market value and their place being in the home, and now her comment sections are frequently overrun with MGTOWs and dudes not even listening to what she is saying, just bitching that her looks are quickly declining and she needs to hurry up and have white babies because that's her job in life.

She pandered to that audience, and eventually they will shoe0nhead on her.

Pedophile youtuber: most pedophiles just want a loving relationship with children | Lipstick Alley

At the end of the day, June is still a woman. And the kind of people that she panders to don't think very highly of women, so I don't think she will ever be able to be 'one of the guys. I pity her. She's proud to have misled a year-old girl in Poland, where the far-right government constantly tries to curb women's rights, about feminism. I can't tell if she's ignorant or just malicious.

Probably both. And she's proud of it. Having an audience, especially a young audience, equals power. And nudes honestly sad that it's June, an ignorant pandering attention-whore, who's shoe0nhead that position. I was her once…jumped head first into all of that anti-feminism shit, bought into all of the 'women are inferior' fuckery and just ended up hating myself in the end. It takes a while to get over that too. Shoe fucking sucks. She's a woman, but it seems she thinks she's so utterly worthless that her only way to find love and validation is to become some chubby neckbeard's pet.

If being degraded is her kink or something, whatever, but keep it in the bedroom like nudes else and shoe0nhead let your metaphorical dick hang out all nudes your social media. She caters to the lowest tier men who just hate women anyway, including her. Once she gets too old to get their dicks hard they will turn on her. First of, that girl would be rather well-spoken for a yo, especially since it's not her native language.

Maybe June can't see his racism because she's a racist too? This shit derails any productive discussion about refugees, and she knows it. Her bff Lauren Southern is using this narrative to nudes her white genocide conspiracy theories. The fact that there was a community centered around boxxy to begin with, how hard June clung debra marshall strip that, the fact that she's been at this internet fame thing for years just changing up her tactics a bit.

It's just very strange that she never grew out of this pandering to a certain kind of male internet user, and even more so that she seems to have reverse cowgirl sex gif all of her real life opportunities in order to dedicate her time to doing so.

Although I must say it's pretty ballsy to go to a foreign country with a bunch of dudes you barely know from the internet. Poor babies. Ignore and report all the spergs. She found an outlet that got her lots of delicious attention and a source of income for very little effort, so she's sticking shoe0nhead it. But it'll only be open to other women, obviously. But in all seriousness, I wouldn't go to a foreign country with anyone I barely knew regardless of gender.

Just especially not a group of men. It just isn't smart. Take your own advice triggered derailer. Shoe0nhead I said, contribute or fuck off. Or are nudes beta orbiters salty because she's now completely out of their reach? Sure smells like septic phimosis in here, kek. That might be it. Most likely june self-posting yet again. Simply report and move on, replying just makes things worse. We're in best free anal porn sites middle shoe0nhead a major scrot chimpout. I wonder if these emotionally unstable cucks are going to try to sink her brand for triggering their abandonment issues.

She's marrying her dad, but congrats. June getting miley cyrus topless images when? Her male fanbase is ripe with nudes basket cases. I like making fun of her but it's not like I wish misery on her or anything. If it works out good for her. Worst case scenario this turn of events will produce tons of milk to talk about, which is good in my book.

I wouldn't guess shoe0nhead to be June in a million years. I guess they thought they had a chance in hell with June before? Though why she turns a blind eye to Groceries is beyond me. He does have some "e-fame" but not even as much as she does. The only disney character she bears any resemblance to is clopin. Please stay on topic going forward, thanks! You don't have to really care that much about social justice shoe0nhead think that race realism is garbage pseudoscience and that gay people shouldn't be shot for being gay.

Like it might actually be the same exact one. She could of had a real thicc boy, not some scrawny fuckboi like skepdick. But back on topic, so was it ever confirmed that any of their fat, cucked fans actually showed up for this?

When your relationship is that public, you at least try to show that you're willing to nudes the financial sacrifice for your fiancee. It's one shoe0nhead if they nudes broke kids that stressed cocaine dinosaur they wanted to focus on a downpayment, but he's in his mid 30s and nothing until this proposal has even hinted that he has been serious about her.

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Our lives are very different from theirs anyways. We're not the ones telling everyone who listens that we're in a super trad daddy Dom big man sugar daddy relationship. Idk id be embarrassed if my fiance was showing himself off on all corners of the internet as being a well to do macho man daddy Dom and even with knowing how much attention our engagement would nudes, he buys a cheap ring. I'm mexican xxx, just another obvious tipoff that he has very little, emotionally, sexy masturbation financially,invested in her.

It's like Dakota. Her features didnt look so painfully average until she shooped them to be spectacular. So without her quoted "34 22 37" shooping, now June's totally average body looks pretty fridgey in comparison, albeit a small fridge. And her posture isn't exactly amazing in this photo. I've seen unedited pictures of her where her shoe0nhead looked really cute, nothing spectacular, but cute. Inb4 screeched at. I really just think she's normal. Her sister gets so much praise and not a word to be said about June.

I don't understand how she ended up so opposite. I personally think its okay in a "skinny nudes girl with big tits" sort of way, some people are into that and that's fine, but to she shes average is a stretch. She looks a loottt less nudes than an average woman, and I mean ratio wise too, You're not going to be "screeched at" we're just saying she isn't curvy, big deal.

If I were to guess her measurements I shoe0nhead say 32 for those fake tits She still has a decent curve on her unedited pics but her claims are literally measurements of a plastic surgery porn star. Why she do this to herself. She does appear to have a nice waist and slight curvature, by no means thicc though. I know a guy who is shoe0nhead an engineering PhD while his sister is a manager at target who couldn't graduate college.

I doubt it's anything parents do. Ring in pic related is supposedly black diamond, and shoe0nhead band itself doesn't look like white gold either. That band is clearly not white gold too lol. But nudes again, Greg wouldn't be living with June in USA since she lives with her parents, while June can get a visitor visa for Canada. Most visitors are allowed a six-month stay from the day they entered Canada. If the officer authorizes a stay of less than six months, they will indicate in your passport the date by which you must leave Canada.

So they could live together best leaked nude photos 6 months…. To qualify for common law sponsorship you need to live together from 6 months to a year. Each province has their own standard so it isn't the same for all of Canada. If you've never lived together and you apply, the more difficult it'll be. She has an advantage being American, but they ask for lots of stuff like proof of meeting each other's families, photos, anything at all to show your relationship is genuine, and he has resident evil 6 porn be able to prove that he can financially support her.

Cic is really strict because they don't want people abusing nudes system to get benefits. Someone who lived it. I'll always try my best to protect you from feminism harbies because you are shoe0nhead precious.

My life is meaningless without you, daddy dom. That's it. I am yes mr brown game they'll post their wedding public and be invaded by their weirdo fans.

What if he loses weight too? We're expecting big things from her in the future. Will June buy her wedding dress off of Yesstyle or Aliexpress?

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Seems like he is a dom only when it's convenient. Sorry if I am not making much sense. He is not at all fit as a caretaker role. June looks like she takes care of him way more considering she acts like a doormat, does all the cooking, makes the most money etc. Skeptic reminds me of a typical neckbeard that needs to be reminded to shower and has his gf dress him when they go out.

If you look at all pictures of him, his clothes and style was completely different before meeting her. Even more than the other. If that's the case, he shouldn't have bothered with a ring, with a public proposal.

What's the point of being excited and happy about a wedding, if the only reason he proposed is due to extenuating circumstances? And this is all such hilarious karma for her having attacked women she characterized as being so ugly theyre single, etc, etc. The majority of average women could do better than her Jabba the Hubby, and she thinks it's a privilege to marry him amd for him to set up a public proposal… out of convenience.

This is truly the lowest effort shit. Also other anons what is up with people in this thread desperatly trying to fake pussy pics junes looks when shes a complete cunt and nitpicky about other womens looks? I mean its nice you guys are trying to be nice to her but melvina raquel very ironic in this case. PULL users have this tendency even on their forum to shit up threads by complimenting cows and trying to get people to say at least one nice thing about the cow in question.

Its assbackwards behavior they take part in to make it seem as if they're notall complete cunts. Even if that is the shoe0nhead reason they are getting married, do you really need to say it out in public like that?

It just seems harsh. Though I am curious as to what that guy nudes by 'I thought you were above that. Immigration services needs to be convinced that the relationship is genuine and if they do an interview which is rare for American applicants and typically waived along with the shoe0nhead exam they do get intrusive with questioning your sex life, what are your plans in Canada, what will you do if we deny you, etc.

The shoe0nhead job is to weed out liars. They're also going to be wanting his tax info and him being previously married doesn't look good. It's so perfect. She looks like a toothy Nudes. She looks just like that. It's perfect. I don't think her body is ugly at face-value minus bolt-on titsbut her personality is, and she clearly wants to portray her appearance as many things she is not.

So I'm all for people stating hard nudes such as "she has a fridge body. If she never did that, the "nitpicking" over her body type would probably be very minimal comparatively.

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For no reason. PULLtards need to lurk more before acting so self righteous. Really and truly. That said a shoe0nhead of the really obnoxious internet nazis are are fake as fuck, just look at the people who trolled Ben Garrison for years like Bryan Carpen or Joshua Ryne Goldberg.

Honestly I almost feel sad for her, despite claiming otherwise she clearly wants to marry him and have it be this great, shoe0nhead romantic thing but he just sees it as a means to an end. I nudes look at June and think "oh what a cute smol girl" if anything I think she is longlanky, and derpy looking in the face. If you see her sat down with greg doing the movie reviews, you'd guess she was like 5'6. I do think greg might be uncommonly tall and she's capitalising on it with her "i'm so short look how short i am next to him", because she doesn't look as short as me or my friends do, next to nudes sized men.

It's the same when guys on instagram want a 'hot goth gf' but don't realize that there's more to it than black lipstick and hair. Laci is 5'2" and Chris is 5'5". Or the other girl too? I'm not sure if Laci is, though. June is too long and lanky to be a short tiny little, though she wishes desperately that she was.

Thin petite girls don't have the body proportions june has. But heyJune is delusional let nudes think hot girl in a mini skirt a smol bean if it shoe0nhead her feel a teensy bit feminine lmao. Is this the female equivalent of a "cuck"? These anti feminist women seem to have zero self respect and essentially make themselves slaves to male approval…. I mean I guess that's the epitome of being anti feminist so they're not fake at least lmao. It's only a matter of time before he coerces her into a nudes relationship and forces her to watch him fuck other people, probably trannies at that lmao.

Sorry but… come on. They get so much fan art and their content is garbage. I was told it was probably due to a PULL karanje sex. Which sounds dumb but so is June. I hear this style ends up being too short even on girls of average height. You saw the size comparison shoe0nhead shea clearly 5'5.

Learn to read. Plus, I can just see Groceries using her to get in the states and leaving her lol. However, I feel that if Nudes wasn't leaning forward, June would still appear to be taller than her. I'm more interested in the sham wedding tbh, I wonder how long it'll take for the cracks to really show.

There's already several red flags and they've been long distance for the majority of the time…. If we're just making fun of June since she's obviously worried about aging and hitting "the wall", that's fine, but if people actually shoe0nhead 26 is almost 30 that confuses me a bit. It's like calling a 16 year old almost I'm in my early 20's but wouldn't behave like her, it's creepy. She looks at least. Considering she doesn't work out or eat well, she will progressively gain weight as she gets older and probably hate herself.

Take that shit shoe0nhead PULL. I was the one who posted the screenshot of his twitter bio in the last thread that suddenly didn't mention her, and within about a day he'd changed it back. Also, with June there isn't that much milk tbh as she's essentially a neet who barely leaves the house or talks to people irl, all we can do is gossip and speculate.

I'd say her getting engaged will provide endless milk when they move in together though. I want more dirt from her unichan days, cringey BDSM screenshots, evidence of Greg being non-committal, etc. She's not a cute hikki agoraphobic scared girl. She's an internet attention whore high school bully who makes a great living, honestly, for doing literally no work.

She doesn't get to be part of the losergirl self-hatred club. I guess youtube technically counts as nudes though. I think even during her early days of being famous on youtube, she was still working there. I don't want to tinfoil either, but the fact that Greg changed his twitter bio so quickly after being called out for removing his mention of June in the last thread, and old mature milf shoe0nhead that he's apparently deleted all his camgirl likes, really leads me to believe at least one of them lurks this thread, and that it had some influence over the engagement decision.

I do think it's possible that June either saw the thread and called him out on everything, or Greg saw the thread and got nervous that people were on to him, nudes he wants to keep her around even if he's not fully committed to her. Fucking stupid. Between 16 and 20 there are numerous milestones. Not so much between 26 and It digimon adventure hentai bothers me that it's clearly very curved, too.

I swear, some of you need to cut that tin foil, armchair analysis of every stupid little thing. Also, even if you're right, it doesn't explain why he took down any and all mention of her in his twitter bio. So when are y'all bringing the trannies into the relationship? I just looked at her thread on Cory chase bbc and it hasn't been active since last summer.

I can just imagine her furiously typing away at her keyboard to finish that comment. Literally sounds like grocery's first wife defending their sad relationship lmao.

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