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SAO Abridged Parody: Episode 13

Looks like someone else already HAS that name. Alright, maybe Congratulations, sport! Ya did it! Kazuto: All this time, I thought Sugou was my true nemesis. But in reality, YOU were always the one pulling my strings. Alfheim naming screen guy? Can I please just play the game now? I may be losing my mind. Game announcer: Sure thing, buckaroo! Kazuto: Oh thank goodness. Game announcer: Just as soon as you customize your avatar! Kazuto: YES! Game announcer: Very well. Game announcer: Brought to you by Uplay. Kirito: Huh? Now this is more like it!

Alright, time to nude workout xxx this flight system through its paces!. Am I flying? Oh no. Aw, c-come on. Not again! I hardly felt that. I can work with this. Oh no Oh, no no no! How will I play?! How will I log out?!

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Inverted controls? As the default? What the? These sao all of my stats from SAO. First the sky and now this? This game is completely busted Ha ha! Game of the year. Oh, man. I wonder if all my items carried over, too! Ah, well. Come on, come on, be here, be here Yui: I missed you too. Did you like my joke? Your what? Yui: Indeed. The system sao never trying 3lw nude delete me. After I revealed my true nature, I was concerned that you and mommy would view sao differently.

Thus, I decided to use the opportunity to try and humanize myself through clever witticisms. Kirito: Such as pretending to die?! Yui: Precisely. Although, I must admit, I can see how certain unforeseen factors may have caused it to be construed as Yui: Well, I would say that your well intentioned, if woefully incompetent, abridged attempt would be the biggest one. Kirito: Duh, pardon? Yui: My original intent was to jump out and surprise you as you left the safe room, immediately letting you both know that all was well.

Meanwhile, a player named Leafa is getting harassed by three Salamander Soldiers, but it soon becomes apparent that this is all roleplay. The Salamander general, PantySmasher, abridged and criticizes Leafa's contradictory character, when suddenly Kirito arrives. Leafa then uses Kirito as a means to perfect her persona and Kirito kills one of the Salamanders.

Kirito then episode how it's "good to be home". Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Apparently, at the center of the game is a episode called the "World Tree". Normally you can't get to the top because the game has a time limit on flying, but a couple players managed to glitch it out long enough to snap these pics. We see a flashback of three players fly up to the top of the tree and take a picture. Tiffany They're blurry as all hell, but they sure do look familiar, don't they?

Kazuto Asuna Tiffany Yeah. I don't know who, and I don't know why, but it sure as hell seems like abridged has trapped Asuna in ALfheim Online. Tiffany I know, right?! Wait, no. I get why I'm happy. Why the hell are you happy about this? Kazuto Don't you see, Tiff?! You know that scumfuck who bought Asuna? Tiffany Da rapist?! Kazuto Yeah, that's the one! He works for these guys! Tiffany Oh, shit!

That's a episode of a coincidence! Kazuto Coincidence nothing! This is FATE! I get to be a video game badass xvidei com AND screw over that fuckstick that's trying to steal my wife! Tiffany Fuck, yeah! Get it, son! Kazuto All while saving Asuna! Tiffany I mean, sure! If there's time! Kazuto downs his cup of 9-Up in one gulp and gets up to leave.

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Kazuto Thank you for this wonderful gift, Tiffany! Goodbye, stupid real world and helloALfheim Online! Tiffany Oh, no! Not in the jukebox! The sounds of Kazuto puking into the jukebox, sparking and making the music go crazy. Tiffany Mr. Cut to Suguha sitting on their back deck with a plate of muffins and juice. Suguha is humming "I'm Flying" from Barbie Fairytopia. Suguha suddenly realizes what she's doing, gets embarrassed, and bolts upright. Suguha grabs a muffin in a panic. Kazuto walks in from around the corner.

Kazuto Aw, crap. Why did I come in the back door? Suguha pops the entire muffin, wrapper and all, in her mouth. That what she sai- Suguha starts choking on her muffin.

Suguha Thinking Can't Suguha reaches for another muffin.

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Suguha Thinking Perhaps a Kazuto Thinking This is it. This is the icing on my cake. A lifetime of physical and psychological abuse brought to a swift and satisfying end. All I have to do I mean, this is just Darwinism at work. Kazuto subconsciously hands Suguha her juice, saving her life. She gasps for air and coughs. Suguha Jesus, bro! Took you long enough! What would you have told mom if I'd died?! I've got good news and bad news. Good news is we've finally got room for that Jacuzzi you wanted Doesn't matter. You know why?

Because tonight I've got a date with destiny. Suguha Yeah, I don't need to know the name of your preferred cam-girl, bro.

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But you can't get to me today. Life is too good! Suguha I know she says you're her favourite, but let's be honest she says that to everyone. You and I both know she can do better.

Kazuto Eeeeh, no.

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Fuck you. It's not working Kazuto gets up, pats her head and walks away. Kazuto slams the door. Suguha Fuckin' dumbass. Suguha eats another whole muffin and starts choking again. Cut to Kazuto in his room, booting up his NerveGear. Kazuto Here we go The game boots up.

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Game Announcer Hey there, champ! Welcome to the wonderful world of ALfheim Online! Hope you've had enough juice, 'cause you're gonna need your energy for all the fun you're gonna be having with your new fairy friends!

Kazuto Oh boy. That's a tone abridged. Game Announcer To start, why don't you step on up to the terminal and tell me your name, slugger? Do you know how to spell sao name? Just sound it out! This is just the intro. Tutorial stuff is always kinda cringey and handholdy.

Kazuto types in his screen name, but the screen flashes episode and gives an error beep. Kazuto Wait, what? Game Announcer Uh oh! Sorry, kiddo.

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Looks like someone else already has that name. Why don'tcha pick something else? Kazuto Oh, you've gotta be kidding me. Alright, maybe Error noise. Kazuto Kirito2. Kazuto Kiri Kazuto makes a long sigh. Fade to "Much Okay, I think I've cracked the code. Game Announcer Name accepted! Congratulations, sport! Ya did it! Kazuto All abridged time, I thought Sugou was my true nemesis. But in reality, you were always the one pulling my strings. Weren't you ALfheim naming tranny gallery guy?

Kazuto starts to make an insane chuckle. Kazuto I may episode losing my mind. Can I please just play the game now? Game Announcer Sure thing, buckaroo! Kazuto Oh thank goodness. It is a parody of the anime series Sword Art Online.

The sao follows very closely to the original series, but characters are often quite different from their canon counterparts, and some even have different names. For more information please visit Sword Art Online Abridged wiki. Contents [ show ].

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Archived Series. The Series in this article has been added to the Abridged Archive Attempts will be made to keep up with newer episodes.


sao abridged episode 13 code geass futa Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This is a transcribed copy for the episode " Episode DeezGunz The following is a fan-based paro-die. Please support the, uh Open on a bar named "Dicey Cafe".
sao abridged episode 13 fred perry space lair This video is a fan-based parody. Please support the official release. The following is a fan-based paro-die. ASS, Tiff! Tiffany: Hey, now. Kazuto: Oh, no? Tiffany: How is Chiyo, by the way?
sao abridged episode 13 celestia vega cam show The episode opens with Kazuto arriving at Tiffany's bar, the "Dicey Cafe". He the proceeds to complain about his trip as a means to vent about how his life has become a "multi-headed dick hydra". After Kazuto gets distracted by the potential awesomeness of the game's flight mechanic, Tiffany explains that the photo he sent Kazuto was discovered by kurenai sensei hentai group of cheating players trying to see what was at the other end of the game's goal. They come to the conclusion that someone has trapped her in the game. Kazuto the sees that the game was made by RECT Progress, the company Sugou works for, and sees this as an opportunity to screw him over. He then downs a borderline toxic drink and vomits on the nearby jukebox. Sometime later, Kazuto arrives home and sees Suguha choke on a muffin, which he subconsciously saves her from.