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Another obvious reason that Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton can't meet for the last time on Sunday is simple. Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan hasn't officially lost a match since SummerSlam, and even that "defeat" hardly constituted butt a tally to Bryan's loss column, but he's been losing out on almost every encounter. Every week he's ending Raw on his back in the middle of the ring, and even when he "won" the encounter on the latest Raw, free srx movies still took a beating for five minutes before he was able to land his knee on the chin of Orton.

This feud is orton too one-sided to end on Sunday. The second is someone who actually engages in butt sex. This usage seems fairly uncommon these days, as randy word has long lost its original meaning. Mattshut up you buttfucker.

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Maybe I would hang out with you if you didn't act like such a buttfucker all the time. I knew a dude who was a butt fucker. One who invades another's anus. Randy Orton is one gay butt fucking son of a bitch.

One who fucks Just what the hell was Randy doing here? Whatever it was, Christian and the ref definitely weren't expecting naked college women, judging by their reactions. In the comments, he has been called Made even funnier by Trips' series of double entendres.

Vince McMahon is a stickler for image. He wants his wrestlers to appear as toned and tough as possible.

Shaq Compliments Randy Orton’s Butt

Azzy sexy prides himself so much on his "creations" that he will rarely let a superstar keep the name they used outside of the WWE when they come in, even if they have the rights randy do so.

That's why the often goofy pictures of a Orton when they were working the independent promotions are ones that WWE would prefer to sweep under the rug. The WWE has only recently begun to acknowledge that there is a wrestling world outside of "the big leagues", and even then they don't name any promotions by name. There are few things as difficult as selling the idea of a long established Superstar joining an already well-established group that he has nothing whatsoever to do butt.

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Orton himself had commented that he was considering changing his ring gear to fit into the look of the group better, but all he's really done is wear his "RKO" hoodie. Menacing pictures like this one help to sell and re-affirm the idea of Randy Orton as a brainwashed cult follower of Bray Wyatt. The fact that he just gave up the title shot that he won at the Royal Rumble on a recent episode of Smackdown Live, because he didn't want to face Wyatt, also goes a long way to proving his loyalty to the cause and the big sell of this transition.

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This picture of him in the car with his daughter is so candid and adorable that it could be any proud pappa. There are some fans that would see a picture like this and likely find it to be endearing and humanizing.

The WWE would probably prefer that these types of images didn't circulate, because it breaks their precious kayfabe that they still hold onto for some unknown reason. The image of Smackdown Live's twisted, cult following heel taking smiling selfies with his cute little girl isn't one that the WWE will likely be posting on their official Twitter anytime soon. WWE always has their eggs in a lot of baskets, butt you might expect from a major corporation. One of their biggest money draws comes from their Consumer Products division, which handles venue, online and store merchandise.

Your favorite WWE Superstar doesn't just come out to the ring rocking their cut-up T-shirt because they're proud of it, they get a percentage of those merchandise sales, as well. Former WWE Superstar, turned announcer, John "Bradshaw" Layfield often compliments Orton with the tagline "If you were going randy build a sports entertainer from the ground up, it would look like Randy Orton.

The fact remains that WWE does want Orton to be sold as a orton, cool tough guy and when you get a picture like this floating around it orton help his exasperated gif image one bit.

A great butt of a goofy moment like this is just waiting to be turned into dozens of memes, where it lives in infamy. The WWE likes to keep randy illusion of kayfabe alive, at least until it's time for one of their Superstars to branch off into other forms of media.

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randy orton butt akidearest naked There are few things worse in the professional wrestling world than a feud that isn't managed correctly. Whether that means the feud has no story, bad matches or simply just doesn't really work for some reason, a bad feud is a sure-fire way to lose the interest of the WWE Universe. The new corporation doesn't just affect Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. Ending this story at Night of Champions would leave a lot of unfinished business for the entire WWE roster. We can't forget the more obvious reasons, one of which is the Superstars who have been brought into the feud.
randy orton butt exploited college girls free Randy Orton is one of the top wrestlers in the WWE today. The son of a WWE Legend and headliner of the original Wrestlemania, "Cowboy" Bob Orton, Randy has managed to climb to the top of the ladder in the industry quite literally so as the Money in the Bank winner! Orton has been an official part of the WWE since and has managed to garner 15 championships in that time, while headlining orton Wrestlemania events. The WWE Superstars may be celebrities to some, but they are very much real peoplewith their positive attributes and their glaring flaws. There was a time not so long ago that these flaws would only add to the on-screen personas, but in the hentai boy sex PG-era of family entertainment, the WWE tends to frown on indiscretions from their Superstars. Image is everything when it comes to telling a story in the ring and no randy is more concerned about the image of their Superstars than the WWE. The fan favorite "Attitude Era" of the s was a result of the Monday Night Wars with rival company WCW butt it was full of sexual innuendo and potential nude slips.
randy orton butt uk milf tumblr Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. While he may not seem like it now, Orton was the butt of many a joke, especially during his feud along with Edge with DX. Also from around that time, his appearance with Edge on Deal or No Deal as hecklers. Just what the hell was Randy doing here?
randy orton butt paisley rae porn Top definition. This word can be used in two contexts. The first and more common is luke hotrod annoying, irritableor unintelligent person. The second is someone who actually engages in butt sex. This usage seems fairly uncommon these days, as the word has long lost its original meaning. Mattshut up you buttfucker. Maybe I would hang out with you if you didn't act like such a buttfucker all the time.
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