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There is a fresh batch ass spambot posts imgur minute. Your phone is about to get slower, hotter, and most definitely less funny. Recent updates have proven the company has loss regard for its users and focused a little too much on how the can extract money by making viewing posts less user friendly by the minute. I understand that this is lara dutta mms free app imgur a business model must make money, but beware of floating ad bars, adds between every few posts, adds in the middle of threads, and so on.

And they aren't just ads; they are intrusive, prompt users to download malware on the regular, show pornographic images, and freeze a post when they fail to load which, again, is a common occurrence.

When I joined a few years ago, I would have, without a doubt, given Imgur 6 stars. This is ass only way we are able to speak up, as posts challenging the company are deleted within the app itself. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad iMessage.

Nov 26, Version 9.

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A problem with this is that many Imgur links link not to the embedded page i. Normally this was, at worst, slightly annoying. Now you're forced to login to view the picture.

Not only is this a hindrance to users but it actively blocks archiving. To be honest I've noticed that links to specific images i. Soon it will be time for the cycle to repeat and a new host launch itself; no doubt with a cute tagline saying they'll even host nsfw content.


I didn't realise they had a traffic-based condition that did this, too. They've been pretty hostile with this sort of thing for a while. I've noticed they do this in order to serve them ads, encourage them to install their PUP on their device as you mention and break their ability to zoom on the image the image embedded is thumbnail size.

They use UA sniffing to disguise this behaviour from technical users on desktop.

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I was wondering why there was no easy way to access embedded images on their mobile site. This is so much worse than expected.

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Skunkleton 62 days ago. To some extent it is a positive feature. I appreciate that the embedded images don't waste a bunch of bandwidth and load quickly. The embedded page still appears to require sign in, see the link above. When I click the link, it converts to the non embedded page, then I have to edit the url back to the direct link. The notice made it seem like you would either have to login or click an over 18 verification modal.

Hopefully they won't requiring logging in. Ah, the only thing more reliable that the lifecycle of a Phoenix is the lifecycle of an image host NullPrefix 62 days ago.

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The key is extracting VC money by downplaying the amount of porn. Who can count the numbers? It may be art, for all I know. What tune are we singing the song to? Edit: The internet is for porn and has everything that's sexual. From web cams, sex tapes, phat ass, big jugs, erotica homosexual. And if you find a kink absent You're one f imgur up individual. Ass Repeated lyrics repeated. I'm sure Lennon and McCartney didn't get it right 1st time.

You have missed out on one of the best youtube videos. Shish2k 62 days ago. And anyone who knows that song from youtube is missing out on one of the best west-end musicals. Actually I had avenue Q? Anyway, the muse struck, so you dick wax hidden cam a verse out of me see edit on prior post.

I'll save that for verse 2, when I ass out how to fit rule 34 in Is this a thing or am I just ignorant? If it is true, could anyone fathom why? It's been more prevalent recently and I think it's just part of a larger fear of guilt by association. A more reputable company just might not want their ad displayed on a site that might have porn or questionable content. Look at how YouTube ads and monitization have changed in just the past few years. There were real issues with major ads getting displayed on popular but questionable videos.

We're heading into a much bigger issue of call-out culture. We're seeing academics, programmers, CEOs, authors ass comedians being told they need to resign from positions or be ousted for single political comments or a single donation to one cause made years ago. Then people go back through history and pull up every questionable thing imgur person has done or said. I don't think it's tangentially related; and that it's affecting kristy althaus pictures business of Internet advertising.

Part of the monetization issue, at least in the United States, is that banks are under pressure to not do business with those involved with pornographic content, via those who want to stamp out such things. The banks seem to be the weak link; they'll disconnect from other payment gateways imgur do allow such content, etc.

That's not true. Banks charge more for porn vendors because of high chargebacks and fraud.

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No one boycotts banks over porn. Is there some hidden financial incentive or is it a pure political interest happening from a different place of power than the usual government system? I assume it's because Western civilization is based on Judeo-Christian morality, where sex outside of marriage, sexual teen anal bdsm and sex for pleasure are considered immoral by many people, so any company associating itself with pornographic content through advertisement will be considered immoral by association.

East Asian countries, being based on a different cultural and religious framework altogether, likely don't consider most forms of human sexuality to be taboo. It's not West; it's Anglo and Puritan. Germany isn't afraid of sex. Just ass. Most adverts are for paid porn and toys, not other goods and services. Is imgur not the same in the West?

One difference is that Pixiv requires you to be logged in to see NSFW content, much like the new Imgur changes, but I suspect this is for other reasons. Just tried Pixiv.

That isn't how OAuth is supposed to work It does what? Are you sure?? Edit: I just tried. Quite the reverse!

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And it's not as if you could stumble across these - you basically had to type the URL in by hand. Sargos 62 days ago. This is probably a good time for someone to create an image host based on IPFS or Swarm as a replacement for imgur for these communities.

There's a lot of content on reddit like sorting by Top to see the best posts which is now missing. That's a good chunk of the culture of some subs. The only realistic option is to host media on the same service that's consuming it or hosting the media on a decentralized service that you don't have to worry about being shut down in the future. We're not running after NSFW content, but people will be able to create private groups, encrypt and self-host their content, and encrypt it.

We're also planning on having web support so you can load content from your node. So I think eventually people will consume the app this way too! IPFS seems like swingers cap d agde really good solution. I've read other posts on here on how it's difficult to setup websites imgur IPFS, but just straight up media images and video seem like a perfect use case. Most of your traffic's ass be through gateways, not over IPFS proper. You've still gotta have always-on servers pinning storing everything for reliability.

There also doesn't seem to be a good way to make mobile devices—most of the clients out there—useful parts of the distributed network. But as you point out, you still must run an origin server. Your content doesn't just magically spread to random nodes once you broadcast it. Will people use a service for NSFW contents? I doubt. Tumblr did the same thing. Permitting NSFW may enable some promising growth imgur in the early stages, but perhaps there isn't a lot of long term value to be ass from it.

Tumblr is dying fast, because they removed their nsfw content. Mirioron 62 days ago. That's the point the parent poster is making: tumblr had incredible growth at the start and stayed popular, but it was difficult to monetize because of the nsfw content.

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r ass imgur misskirroyal porn Your phone is about to get a whole lot funnier. Cast your vote to decide what goes viral. You will now. Your gestures, swipes and transitions with iOS 13 are smoother and more native than ever before. Most apps get to brag about dark mode but the Imgur app has always been in dark mode. This community is fantastic, even the trolls make you laugh at times.
r ass imgur nepali hot girl sex They used to allow you to browse images, and now they don't - desktop mode used to show image grid e. You'll need to sign in if you still want to view it. Opening the same URL by copying and pasting it to the address bar shows the image without needing to sign in. TheCapn 62 days ago. Imgur does something goofy with the referer that you've clicked a link from. What I found was that if the page referrer was Facebook, you got nothing, the imgur site attempted to redirect you back through to their galleries, but if you used the link directly you'd get the image.
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