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'Flavor of Love' Star Deelishis Admits to Plastic Surgery After Looking Unrecognizable in New Pic

Or Nah? What's Beef?!?

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Load More Follow on Instagram. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. However, she previously debunked the rumors and insisted that her different look was caused by makeup. Instagram Celebrity. You can share this post! Related Posts.

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Most Read. Diddy's Party Gets the Internet Talking. You look like a man. Am I to understand that the person on the right is the same as the person on the left? Deelishis done refurbished her whole face.

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Does anyone remember when Deelishis was a black woman? When Black ppl see how Deelishis is changing herself pic. Deelishis, you look great. Every music video needs a leading lady, and these stars didn't come cheap.

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pictures of delicious from flavor of love nude ladies pictures AceShowbiz - Not all celebrities have the confidence to admit going under the knife to enhance their look. However, Deelishis is an exception because she did just that after giving her devotees a hard time recognizing her in a new picture shared on Instagram. It all started after her boyfriend, Raymond Santanadubbed her his Woman Crush Everyday on his Instagram account, japan force porn a mirror selfie of the " Flavor of Love " star. But it looked some people couldn't recognize Deelishis because she looked so different than her appearance on the VH1 show. One user asked, "What that's Deelishis? Why does she look like a completely different person from what she did on FlavorofLove.
pictures of delicious from flavor of love dragon ball z hentai doujinshi Flavor of Lovethe catalyst and arguably the holy grail of the reality TV movement, introduced the world not only to some of the most timeless moments in television history, but some of the most recognizable faces, as well. However, as time progressed and checks got fatter, some of those faces seemed to morph with the help of plastic surgery and social media has recently pointed out that this was exactly the case for former FOL contestant Deelishis. The former reality starlet, whose real name is London Brown hair tubehas become the topic of recent headlines after she posted a photo to Instagram. The shocking image took many by surprise, prompting fans to go through her IG page only to notice just how much she has changed — and changed she definitely has. Today, Deelishis, who currently serves as a radio personality, is pretty much unrecognizable — as seen in the picture below, with the right image serving as the pic that's since gone viral.
pictures of delicious from flavor of love arab wedding sex video Remember Deelishis? Deelishis has gone from tv reality star to Instagram model and fans have noticed a drastic change in her appearance. How sway? Deelishis is a whole new woman pic. She looks like she could be kin to Jhene and Mila J. Deelishis needs adele upskirt stop right where she is. Wtf did Deelishis do to her face?