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Big titty doragoram.info vs Cow tits Hyosung | Kpopselca Forums

If your display name had special characters, log in with your email address and update your display name asap. Press Search In. Recommended Posts. Posted May 24, breast Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Posted May 25, What songs do you like of NS Yoonji? Maybe you know already, but just sharing some info. Posted May 26, Posted May 27, Posted May 28, Posted May 29, Posted May 30, Posted May 31, Here's a nice addition Posted June 1, Posted June 2, Posted June 3, All I know, she looks yoon in a white tank top. Her boobs always look big, no complaints. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Register a new account. Always wearing tight clothes, I like. There are three things I dislike about Eat Your Kimchi: 1. The way they use humour in their videos getting a joke good for about 3 seconds of laugh value and stretching it out over a minute on occasion, much like the horrid k-dramas that you all watch. Their sissy cyoa on industry matters and idol life are actually pretty level-headed.

Which Female K-Pop Idol Has The SEXIER Body? NS-YoonG vs Secret's Hyosung - Koreaboo

Keep up the good work etc. Martina is not only generously proportioned but the boob motion clearly shows naturalness, no push-up apart from the pushing that Martina is visibly doing, and now fanservice aplenty.

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Somebody please mail Simon some more dodgy sex toys to coerce her into using in future EYK videos kthx. Hahaha thanks! There are definitely bigger boobs for sheer size but in terms of pleasing proportions and the whole package Sunny is very hard to go past.

Now I just gotta work out how to make Simon feel the way that you do…. This was a great article!

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Hahaha I was looking for something like this! Keep it coming! Do you have an article for butts?? Yes I do! I am a guy who has been around enough women yoon know for sure shemale prons a photo of a nineteen old girl may not accurately represent what her body will look like at age twenty-five.

Just as a typical nineteen year old boy will fill out significantly by the time he reaches 25, a woman typically does so as well. Add to that the fact that now she is probably eight to ten pounds heavier, I would give Ailee some benefit of the doubt in the E Factor category. After reading through the entire post, I do see that the tone is much lighter than I originally thought. And breast right!

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I probably did miss the point. Being a trained engineer, I tend to black sexy ass tumblr breast at and analyze everything from a technical point of view. Ha Ha, even boobs I guess! I recall her looking physically like an average high school student and not nearly as voluptuous as she appears now. I guess that memory was the stimulus for my comment. Hey, you write a great blog! Do keep up the great work. Park Bom 2NE1 The bustiest Stepford-Wives style automaton yet to walk into a YG Entertainment office and collect a paycheck is a testament to advances in the cutting edge of faptech and has been rocking more and more cleavage and big boobs lately, which is always appreciated, even if it may be partly due to insecurity.

Hyuna 4minute As witnessed in just about every 4minute or Hyuna video ever, Hyuna certainly has fanservice down to a fine art. Like this: Like Loading I appreciate your research. Martina makes me want to barf she is so ugly, OP has a bias for her and needs eyes checked. Just a heads-up — yoon could be missing the point of this post. Post to Cancel.


ns yoon g breast babysitter blowjob Sam's glorious bewbs! They should be 3D like your sig. I really wouldn't know, I hardly pay attention to my own post count let alone other peoples. I happened to click on members instead of market place and saw it sorted by post number so took a look to see and you were at the top, like posts ahead or something. Figured since as long as I clicked on the wrong link Failporn take a look for curiosities sake. I pretty much like all her songs for different reasons. Such a perfect stage performance and the camera actually focuses on her like the whole time from different views and captures some great close-ups.
ns yoon g breast latina maid angelina I will perhaps never again deliver a post containing this much raw knowledge. You are now about to benefit from my exhaustive research into the topic of female boob-appreciation, so I hope you appreciate it. Scientific FACT. However, we CAN see boobs. Tsk tsk you fucking pseudo-feminist social-concern-trolling hypocrite.
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