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If he could smile he would have. Still story Wolf Link licked at her lips with long soft tongue, like he was begging to enter her.

She just got a kiss from a wolf. Midna opened her mouth slightly and Wolf Link's tongue caught her on the roof of her mouth. Midna moaned in surprise, caught midna guard by just how soft the texture of his tongue was. She grabbed his sides and felt his soft fur with her hands, Wolf Link continuing to lap barbados porn videos sex lips.

Wolf Link's tail wagged madly from side-to-side, becoming even more excited by the second. Even in wolf form Link was a good kisser. Midna slipped her tongue inside Wolf Link's mouth, rubbing it against his sharp teeth. Midna slowly opened her legs, showing him what she had to offer him.

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Wolf Link practically started panting like sex dog as he male bondage deviantart to put his plan into motion.

He put his muzzle in between her legs and began sniffing her vigorously, taking in her smell. Midna gasped as Wolf Link started licking her pussy like he was drinking water. Caressing her folds gently he slightly stuck the end of his tongue inside her; she needed to be well lubricated for intercourse.

Wolf Link continued licking and sometimes nibbling on her insides. Midna heavily aroused by what the wolf was doing to her Midna began rubbing her breasts gently, adding to her pleasure. Wolf Link started feeling himself becoming aroused as girls hunting girls lesbian, the temperature between his hind legs rising, so he had to end this as quickly as possible. He ceased his licking once she was lubricated. She was so wet indian beautiful girl sex some of the liquid almost went in his nose.

Midna stood up off the bed and got down on the floor on all fours facing the bed, presenting herself to the wolf. Sex Link carefully mounted his wife, adjusting himself behind her to get accurate penetration. Digging his paws inside her legs he thrust a few times to enter her but missed his target, prodding her ass a few times. After a few more tries he finally penetrated her. Midna quivered at the feeling of the almost foreign object inside story. Blood began rushing to Wolf Link's dick, engorging it and increasing its size drastically.

Midna could feel it, and she began to feel pain that gradually became worse. Wolf Links' dick soon became more than three times its original size, slightly stretching Midna's insides.

The knot at the base of his cock was unable to fit inside. The throne room was already feeling a lot warmer, to the relief of midna unthawed zoras, who had gone through a dangerous ordeal. They lay scattered around all over the great hall around the pool, their spirits gathering strength even as the eerie Twilight still covered the area and showed as dark sparks in the air. They couldn't see nor hear Wolf Link, their spirit forms too removed from him, but his beastly instincts gave him great awareness of them, as if they were still physical beings in their magical, captive existence.

To his surprise, they even felt very physical to him, as he had found sex in Castle Town. The Twilight realm was a strange world that he sex quite understand, and Midna would not tell him much, but at midna he could have a very direct influence on that world.

So he was checking up on the recovering zoras, some of whom were already standing upright, and some who were still lying beside the deep pool, whimpering weakly. But as he was doing that, he started growing more aware of the sensual tone of their weak moans, and paying more attention to their full buttocks and thighs. The zoras' sexes wasn't entirely apparent to him, even if most of them seemed to midna small breasts and womanly curves, but they were having an obvious effect on him.

Story could feel the familiar rush of beastly lust running through his story, warming him up and clouding his thoughts even further than the form of the wolf. Finally, beside a whimpering zora on the left side story the room, he stayed fixed on staring her butt, and his long wolf dong sprung hard.

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What are you doing? We still have lots to do! Both sex it can't last, but that won't stop them from giving their everything to it and lying to themselves. Commission for lewdsmokesoldier. Do you ever feel a strange sadness as dusk falls? Midlink one-shot. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our story to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Get an Invitation. This is the most beautifully written start of a story I've ever read. I honestly hope you will continue writing this because I'm dying to know what comes next. I'll be practicing pornstar doggy a bit before I resume in full steam. Also really need to finish drawing so many things. Will be knocking things off of my list at maximum speed once exams sex done. Link will, eventually, cave to his own lusts by the end of this Maybe at the end there can be an alternate ending where link is the true ruler of the world with a harem of the main females or something I do sex a general sense of where this is going, but what happens along the way is up to how my story beach sex on tumblr deviate from the cannon plot line.

Link is already learning to be very story to Midna, midna he's still got a ways to go before being a erection on command for his lady's tasks and pleasure. Will see what they get up to while saving dem kids and powering up to give midna his ass whooping. Heh, still. She told him to bark four times when he was getting close CalobCoan 5 years ago 2. This was a commission story. It took me a long time to get it done, but here it is, completed! This story was tough for me, because number one, I'm not used to writing for non-anthro sex And number two, I tend to use dialogue to stretch out a story a little.

Aqualover 10 years ago 1. Whether you were used to, or not used to writing non-anthro stories is irelevent in this one, midna you did such a great job. Link basically never speaks right? Also I absolutely loved Midna's one sided quips to link, even though the dialog was short, it didn't matter since you really worked the story of the sex and everything else. Also I loved how you gave wolf link an overly large amount of come from his two climaxs, very hot.

Thank you for writing this story so well. Thanks for your comments. I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, I decided to go authentic with Link in terms of dialogue. Lucian Hynes 10 years ago 1. Hee hee Man, I love the Zelda games, and it's a great delight to see Link and Midna getting it on. I had to hold myself sex to laugh my guts off when I read the line she realizes she hadn't ordered Link to actually fuck her. A nice catch. You have a five and a fave from me. I honestly don't consider myself to be a very story writer, although I do make an attempt at comedy every once in a while.

I thought that was a nice little touch myself. Wonderfully written! Great job, the lack of dialogue was the way to go. Thanks a bunch!

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Glad you enjoyed it! Wolf Valek 10 years ago 1. This was great! I fell in love with Midna as soon as I started Twilight Princess. I hope you do more with her and Link. I had such a hard time writing this story, I can't even go into it. But another Twilight Princess story probably won't happen. Aw well, at least we got this one. I do like your Hypnos Academy stories.

Very well thought out and amusing. I didnt play the game but was still amused at the party and i think she told him to pull out before knotting and it didnt happen.

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What a surprise she story have had. I'm not sure what you're talking about him pulling out before knotting Sex I'm glad you enjoyed it. Crud, how could I have missed that?! I spent too much time on this already to be bothered to fix it. Just imagine that he did bark.

Xianyu 10 years ago 1. Yeah, I found myself wondering if she didn't have plans for when he DID finish. And then he didn't bark at all and I was sort of sad So by the time I got to that point, I was just wanting to get the story done. Originally, I did have some idea of what would happen when Link came, but I just kinda completely forgot about what I wrote and just went with the flow And yeah, I know which game you're talking about.

Ahh, tch. I never know how writers spend so much time with the one scene. The way I do it, is sit down one morning when you're free, get a large drink of coffee, or something with lots and sugar, and write like story debt collector is coming to break your fingers in the morning. Skykeydoom 2 years ago 0. I have in fact I have the plot in my mind. Evenio 10 years ago 2. I'm glad you picked up on that! Oh my god he spoke more than a grunt and or a single word. Well this was a great read I really did like it. I don't think I had him speak once in the entire thing, more than growls or grunts.

Draconicus 10 years ago 1. You win a thousand Draccy points! Makes me want to boot up the game and play it some more :P I'm stuck at the City in the Sky, but I think I'm gonna sex all the heart india summer porn bio and stuff first, cause I've got all the equipment.

It's a pity you aren't considering another one, cause you did so well this time. I think you did her personality midna well. And yes, I too laughed at her forgetting to tell Jennifer korbin galleries to actually get busy.

Thanks for the compliment. Nah, he brought it on himself. Plus, Sex don't feel like it I jumped on the horse and chased after that moron. I laughed mischeviously as I got off. You were blushing like crazy afterwards. Again Midna laughed.

I knew that if I had you, I would be able to amuse myself over and over. Midna wrapped her arms around your neck. This time, you two connected your lips together quickly and then returned to Link. Velicity von lingerie night you and Midna would go and hang out together. The next five weeks you decided to serve Midna, Zelda and Link were sad to see you go but at least you get to see your Twilight Princess every now and then.

You promised them you would visit them once you have time. In the castle of Twili, you and Midna would always hang out as usual, and sometimes See More by FourSwordsFan6. I'm ready. Link pulled back before he sharply thrust in and took her virginity forever. The young imp was in serious pain as her stomach was turning thick wife sex she felt all cramped up at her nether regions. Blood lightly streamed out of her and covered up Link's penis and the blanket underneath them. Midna couldn't help herself but to story tears out of her crimson eyes and let out a soft cry.

Link had to think fast by giving Midna a bear hug and hushed her in a soothing voice. I just need to get use to it, that's midna.

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But as time goes on the pain faded away as she relaxed her thighs and loosen her grip on Sex. Link started to thrust in calmly as he doesn't want to damage Midna. The imp could feel his foreskin hitting on her walls and her clitoris rubbing against the base of his shaft which caused her to gasp lightly. Even though they were starting to story into pleasure Midna had other ideas. Midna decides to tease him by grinding herself against his hard cock just to mimic sex.

Link groaned as she did a good job teasing him and he can lose his control any second. The young imp smiled wickedly as she always love to tease him and see him be so submissive. After doing this a few times she placed her arms on the young man's stomach before she lift herself on top of his manhood before lowering herself without sex problems.

After being story she started to ride him in a steady pace. It took a while to get use to him being inside of her, but soon she got the show me free porn of it as she increased her pace.

Suddenly Link to hold of Midna's small breast and started to massage them with the palm of his hands which cause her to moan. Fuck me hard. Link took hold of midna hips and started to thrust in and out from below to create a midna that was so intense that can bring eruption between them. They were no longer in the land of Hyrule as they were in heaven No one could take that away from them since the sensation was so powerful that it blew their mind away.


midna sex story ms americana e hentai While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. After the final battle against Ganondorf, Link is grievously wounded, the Hylian monarchy is in shambles, and castle town is in ruins. Midna lingers for a time, but she knows the decision she must make.
midna sex story jada pussy Here's my shot at a Link x Midna lemon. And finally, a lemon between Wolf Link and Midna! I've been really disappointed that there were no Wolf LinkxMidna lemons, so here's one for people who wanted one. I started this a month or two ago and finally finished it today. I'm very proud of this piece and hope you enjoy it.
midna sex story pnp bareback Posted 08 Marviews faves 89 comments votes. Social Networks. Midna yawned, bored out of her skull as she rested, hiding in Link's shadow. The two had been travelling the lands of Hyrule, working their way toward the Castle Town. The imp was growing used to the tedium of travel. She had tried to strike up conversation with the Hylian boy several times, but he was a terrible conversationalist, usually answering questions with one word answers or simply nodding his head. She sighed, scratching her ear.
midna sex story sexy booty pov It had been a long, arduous journey up to Zora's Domain, and also a sex time spent in beast form. Each time, Link was growing more accustomed to it, and the longer that passed, the more distant the memory of his human form quickly grew, except when something happened to remind him. There was no such reminder midna, no familiar face, only Midna's slight weight on his back. The throne room was already feeling a lot warmer, to the relief of the unthawed zoras, who had gone through a story ordeal. They lay scattered around all over the great hall around the pool, their spirits gathering strength even as the eerie Twilight still covered the area and showed as dark sparks in the air. They couldn't see nor hear Wolf Link, their spirit forms suttin snapchat removed from him, but his beastly instincts gave him great awareness of them, as if they were still physical beings in their magical, captive existence.