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Small titties and big nipples of a hot girl Koika MetArt. Seeds are typically large. My name is Jennie Anna Jeanique. I was photos at the 20th of May in I live in Alkmaar the Netherlands with my love Emielin koika beautiful pallace we bought a year ago. We've been together since August I finished an education for audio visual design moving pictures ; inafter that I got accepted for a study to become a Drama therapist, but after a few months I had to quit because I had a mental breakdown. After a year of doing nothing but sleeping and sleeping and feeling really shitty I started with my photos project.

I always wanted to be a photographer, but because I had some discouragement I quited. My other passion is singing and musical. I played ever since I was a kid and did about 12 musicals.

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I quited last year because I needed something different and because of personal circumstances. I started taking singing lessons 2 times a month, and I love it! Photos I was a kid I always wanted to be baby-nurse, after that I wanted to be a musical amatuer facial compilation for a long time still do secretly.

I love animals, I feel really comfortable arround them. My dream is to once have a farm with a Hanging belly pigpigs are one of my favorite animals.

My favorite color is green. My favorite english word is 'Fragile'. On my funeral I want loads of color, balloons. My biggest fear is to lose someone I love. Pets included.

I can't live without my love and my two cats Aunty Sterre and Mister Koika. I'm still among koika living. But it has been crazy busy over here.

Good busy, but I am a bit tired. Koika thought I'd stop by and let you know, since some photos you were wondering.

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I'm feeling a little ill. And stressed out. I'm so glad Emiels mother is taking care of Benthe while we're gone. And photos our lovely neighbours Roland and Shilca are taking care of Koika and Koika. Knowing my baby's are in good hands is such a relief! I still have a lot to do, cleaning, packing, singing lessons. My sweet sweet sweet bff Crolie just text messaged me if I would like her to pick me up from singing lessons so I don't have to take the bus. How lucky I am having such wonderful people in my life!

I'm going to bed monkey fuck tube, my body doesn't feel like mine. I feel tired, I'm used to feeling tired, but not like this. Vimeo Instagram Pinterest. View large On White. In the kindness of human creatures. Last friday I ordered a babushka brooch at www.

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I know her blog for like 5 years now, and I've been a fan of her creations eversince. She makes great stuff for cats at www. So I sent her an email, that I wanted to buy one, and that Emiel works sometimes at her boyfriend's koika agency, that he reconized her photo on her blog. She sent me an nice mail back, she saw my photos and she liked them, yay! So yesterday she said she went to the postoffice to send the brooch. I was excited all day!

And at 7 the parcel finally arived with a koika package! I was like:WTF?! I only ordered 1 koika So I opened the package and inside were all kind of thingies me like!!!!!! Cute Cat buttons, magnets, postcards you call it!! I danced arround! There was also a toy for Sterre and Koika, and they totally love it! She wrote me a sweet card that "she wanted to support me because I make such beautiful photos" I started crying, because it warmed my heart.

It photos my day so light. Thanks woman! Koika chose the best spot in the house this morning, he jumped on a shelf in the bookcase 'cause that was the only sunny spot.

He looked really privileged and comfortable photos I just needed to make a snapshot of it : see comments for 1 more!! I had a shoot shemale self suck compilation weekend with Maaike, she needed some castingphotos and asked me to take them. You can see them here: www. Today I had a first time meeting with Caroline a girl I met Twitter. I was a little nervous, photos with Benthe by my side and with the chats me and Caroline had in my head, nothing could go wrong.

It was a really nice day, having a lunch, made some photos in the park. Caroline is as sweet as I thought she was.


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