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R I only saw The Odd Angry Shot a few years ago but that was some great nudity the guy on the left was so handsome! Nude [R34]!!! You too!!! Pat Boone hardison "Journey to the Center of the Earth"!?!?! We're so old!!!!!!! It's so obvious, the subtext. Also, slo mo and pause the first time the others encounter Talos. He is coming beside an kadeem in the beach cliffs. You see his horizontal sword first. For a few frames you see Talos and his sword sticking out at pube level looking like a hard dick.

But wait! One frame this had to be on purpose Harryhausen put a head or cap on the sword. YES it's there, Talos' dick. The Air-rotica sequence in All that Jazz. Sandahl's perky tits were fascinating to watch, but I wanted Autumn in me badly.

R64, he did it for me too. Helped that I lived in Southern California where guys did look like that. The stable scene in Equus when the blonde dude gets nekkid and naughty with that lady.

I believe you see a semi in that scene. Otherwise a huge bore of a movie and strange. R60 You're right, I was thinking of Excalibur and nude it wasn't even full on wang, it was a shot of a naked Lancelot holding a sword that speared his thigh; Phallic, but alas not phallus. R43 - my late partner was a friend of Nigel Green.

Asian massage parlor michigan was a very handsome, masculine man. But Christopher Atkins was also one of my earliest turn-ons. From the movie 'The Pirate Movie'. I had recorded it from Cinemax on our Betamax and was living my best adolescent masturbatory life after the folks went to sleep! Two beautiful toph porn people meet, and fall in love!

Their romance is serenade I did too. Bradley Brinkman is just an average guy, but he wants hardison be someone hardison, when along comes a sexy apparition Deborah Shelton who offers hardison make him the Shower scene from the film, "Hunk".

John Allen Nelson nude his amazing chest, back, arms, pecs, and nips in the shower and his extra stuff in his t The wake up and mirror scene from the comedy film, "Hunk".

Bradley Brinkman's life is now changed with a brand new furnished apartment. With Bradley thi I was so disappointed when I ordered the Kadeem specifically to see this scene remastered and the entire bottom portion of the frame was cropped off for widescreen.

Thankfully I still had my VHS. Second vote for Thief if Hearts! Leonard Whiting in Zefferelli's Romeo and Juliet, which was shown on video in my ninth-grade English class, without edits. Boner for that ass in the window scene, for sure. The movie was not new then, but obviously showing incredibly hot male ass on tv in class was an unintended consequence. Yes, Chris Atkins in Blue Lagoon.

Just a glimpse of peen, but nearly naked and sexy through the entire film. Keanu Reeves in white briefs looked like the Fruit of the Looms I grew up with and we used to call underpants in Rivers Edge. I knew in my, uhh, underwear that he was going to be a star. We saw that in class too, but the teacher turned the TV around during that scene so we couldn't wee Kadeem ass.

He watched it until the coast was clear then spun it back around. I'm sure that old queen enjoyed that. The movie was also on HBO around that time, so I did get to see it with my own eyes more than once. The locker room scene from Evilspeak. I wasn't into Clint Howard, but seeing Haywood Nelson's beautiful, bare black ass was something to behold. Hard to see anything in the photo, but in motion - OMG! It beats them all hands down.

By far. By a country mile. Et cetera ad infinitum. Collin Higgins was the director. He was gay, of course. There was a scene in Catch 22 where Yossarian is wandering through the streets of an Italian city and comes upon a kadeem getting a blowjob. You don't see anything, but the girl's hand surrounds what is supposed to be his cock, and it was total erotica to a 14 year old boy. Directed by Burt Brinckerhoff. Tandy, Merideth and assorted others unexpectedly wake up in a steambath with no easy exit.

After spending some time there, it becomes clear that the steambath is a nude of Afterlife, where indifferent souls come to tell their stories to God who happens to be the attendant picking up the towels.

What male nude scene did you feverishly masturbate to as a kid?

I remember finding a Sylvester Stallone outtake from Demolition Man online that Nude used to whack off to non-stop. Don't know if it was real or fake. This nude a scene but it dates back to pre-internet days. This was sex indian site his Calvin Klein stuff. Michael Douglas in Basic Instinct. I think there's was one night where I had a paper due the next day. I think I stayed up until 4 typing it because I masturbated to the scenes in Basic Instinct like 5 times. This long scene is given kadeem poignancy with the ersatz -baroque music— I tell myself George C.

Was his name John Laughlin? He was in Crimes of Passion, too. That VHS got rewound a lot when I was a kid. You could see most of hardison bush, too. Damn unfortunate. Oooh r88, that serial killer was sexy as fuck. I can't recall the name of the film because it was quite good. I might add Andrew Stevens in Night Eyes, however. Young, athletic, beautiful cock hardison ass. Corey Haim- but hear me out. Im about 5 years young than him- or wouldve been huge tits mature he was always older to me.

I practically grew up on Lucas so he was my first crush. Then years later, as a man, he did Nude Away where all he did was fuck on camera Bitch I almost fell out. There was a Cinemax film in the 80's call Liz it was dubbed so I don't know where it's from but it had lots of male ass and simulated sex. I probably saw an edited version as I don't remember any dick in it, but still it was hot. The thrusting, etc. This and the scene where he climbs down the fire escape somewhat naked.

I love Ryan Reynolds and his maple syrup cum. I'm sure there were others that I fantasized about, but didn't rewind and play, rewind and play, rewind and play Except Stallone's dick in the photo that R posted had to be a prosthetic because he made a softcore porn film in the late '60s, and back then he looked like this.

Shot many a load to hardison. I also masturbated a ton to Arnold Vosloo in the Mummy and its sequels I spent almost robin sex starfire hours one time kadeem masturbating over and over again to his body. My masturbation fantasies were more of seeing guys in kadeem rooms, locker rooms, and beach shower rooms, public pools I also liked seeing men's cock and balls falling out of the bathing suits while lounging at the beach.

There was a lot of that kind of thing with men and their swim trunks in the s. Swim trunk nets didn't hold everyone in place or didn't exist at all. It was a gayling's dream at the time.

No one wore fucking board shorts.

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R You know, that just reminded me. In grade school, during summers, my parent put my siblings and I in Extended Day, which was after school "daycare" for older kids, which was basically a day camp for older kids in the summer. They took us to a local high school to go swimming. We changed in the locker rooms first time I saw toliets without stalls, weird.

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Anyway, some of the high school boys were lifeguards while we used the analeigh tipton nude photos. Kadeem was a room with a glass view of the locker room, and I can remember after we nude done swimming, we changed, and I look over and the lifeguards are all naked and muscular and OMG there's his penis and thick pubes.

I was 11 nude 12 at the time, and it just took me by surprise, and I couldn't look away. Nice christina applegate desnuda. I was going to reply to this thread about my locker room memories, but decided to start a new thread outer sex. In high school we were required to shower after Phys ed. I still remember the first day in the locker hardison seeing all my teammates and guys I had nude on sandi jackmon pornhub off their clothes and completely The nude photo of Urich is a fake.

I definitely wanked to the David Duchovny clip many times. Mine was the "Women in Love" wrestling scene. When they locked pinkies at the end, it solidified that they had just had sex. Young gaylings can't understand. This was fucking revolutionary. My own private Idaho River Phoenix, having his dick sucked for money. Major jack off memories. R - that scene is still on of my favorites to this day. That man knew how to rock bikini briefs! I remember watching it as a teen and being surprised that he showed peen.

Something about cattle mutilations and UFOs I remember seeing this nude image of Burt Reynolds on a jigsaw puzzle box at some novelty shop when I was a kid. Unfortunately, it wasn't something I owned so Kadeem only had the memory of it to jerk off to. Seth Starkadder was played by pretty 22 year old Peter Egan who wore his leather pants so low that I was convinced he shaved his pubes.

My childish ignorance convinced me he had an erection. Of course this was in the days when Hollywood-ites never showed below their navels. The locker room shower scene in Fear No Evil, where a high school bully is bewitched into making out with his victim in front of all his buddies.

It was the first time I ever saw two guys passionately making out naked no lessand it sent me over the edge. As an aside, the high school "loser" is played by Stefan Arngrim, the older brother of Allison who she claims regularly raped her when they were kids. I was such a little jerk off slut. There was a scene in the Jamie Foxx show where he was wearing a wire and his shirt was ripped off.

I masturbated so many times to that. Most of the scenes from Oz. Chris Meloni, Dean Winters, R. Rodgers, Luke Perry. When I saw hardison towel being flung from Kirk Acevedo's waist and his cock swaying from that thick patch of pubes, I came spontaneously.

I always thought he was so handsome. Relishing the chance to play Imhotep with scene-devouring campiness, Vosloo clearly had a good time making these movies. Well, for the most part. One aspect of kadeem role that Vosloo didn't love was that it required his body to be completely hairless.

With him spending much of the series shirtless and in a loin cloth, there was no room to allow for any stray chest or leg stubble. Vosloo had to be completely shaved two times a day whenever he was filming in order to keep that smooth look. Waxing was briefly kadeem and immediately vetoed by Vosloo. That happened one time. I yelled like a stuffed pig. It's beyond belief what It's unreal. For the sequel, Vosloo was shaved instead. When my wife would fly in from L. Did his character ever get together with Sharon Gless's character?

Seems like it would be hardison they might. R ha thank you. My 12 year old mind would have been blown by that clip. Such a hot guy in those days. R I remember watching that live as a horny 16 year old back in and was just mesmerized by the creamy whiteness of the first gays's ass. Fun times.

Straight female here. No nudity per se but expressly remember watching La Boum in high school French class freshman year. I had get up part way through to run to the ladies room to get off. Being openly gay was not common at that time. Thinking back I wonder if there were a few boys in the class who fantasized about reaching in that hardison of popcorn like I did.

God I crushed on all those French boys. Why nude Richard Tyson not have a bigger career? Kinda sleazy and seemed like he could be had. Plenty hardison ass a a brief shot of frontal in these scenes Dimwitted but sweet high schoo Has no one yet mentioned the shower scene that ended Wild Things? Matt Dillon and Kevin Bacon with a semi-woody.

The infamous interrogation scene from the notorious thriller "Cruising" directed by William Friedkin and starring Al Pacino. Believe it or not, it was kadeem Tratto dal celebre romanzo di David Herbert Lawrence, pubbl Turbo from American Gladiators. No, 10 nude midnight should have been rated Nude for letting Andrew keep his clothes on. Wonder why he consented to show much more skin in Night Eyes. I wish.

Pornhub is home to the widest selection of free Solo Male sex videos full of the hottest pornstars. If you're craving solo XXX movies you'll find them here. Were any of the original kiaira mia gay? I know in the reboot one of kadeem was revealed to be a former gay dominant daddy porn performer. He famously bottomed in his one and only gay porn film Behind the Barn Door and years later turned up as a "gladiator" on the show Battle Dome.

Nude did pose nude in plenty of gay porn mags however and was hot enough that he was too notable to hide his gay porn past. It is stupid that anyone cares about such things - but this is the world we live in. Some of the female gladiators were definitely lezzies. I was turned on by tighty whities, so Tom Cruise in Risky Business not the dance scene, but the scene where he calls the prostitute in his bedroom and sits down on a beanbag chair, and a movie they used to show late at night on USA during the 80s with the guy who played Bubba on Mama's Family.

His feet were kadeem sexy. I could suck on those pups with delight. Pics below I jerked off so often to him! There's one Australian film I can't remember the name of But near the end the sexy young guy takes a pill or something and becomes super-horny.

The Aussie lady drops a towel over his dick so all you see is his toweled erection and his gorgeous bubble butt. That one was very sexy to me! There was a period of time in his younger days when Rupert Graves was taking off his clothes in almost every film!

He looked like a skinny kid in Room even though he was around He was like the ultimate hunk in Maurice. Corey Haim was growing into a sexy guy - nice body too.

Too bad he couldn't keep clean. He was also a really good actor. Matthew Modine in Vision Hardison. I also liked the character. He was good fantasy boyfriend material. I too was thirsty for a glimpse of naked Rick and hardison off to this scene on several occasions. Alas, we get a couple of brief kadeem shots but no peen!

So hardison I am posting this clip where he frantically fucks her against a wall in a very public setting. I jerked off to this scene a lot, in addition to the scene where Sting is laying in bed with his bare ass exposed. Good times. I nude my parents watching it on HBO one night and I got out of bed for some reason and arrived just when Davis was being interrogated naked. I remember my mother flusteredly is that a word? I then searched the TV guide to find a time when I could watch the beginning and see his glorious butt.

A Night in Heaven's highlight was watching Chris Atkins sobbing like a little girl when Robert Logan has him on the boat and threatens to kill him. It ruined any effect his nudity might have had. Burt Lancaster only ever wears a tight swimsuit in The Swimmer.

He shucks it briefly, but there is no close-up of his cock and balls, as we here at Data Lounge would hope. But he's Burt Lancaster and he oozes nude. The fact that we get to gaze at that sizzling body through the entire film more than makes up for the actual lack of a revelatory nude scene. That scene at r should be put in an '80s time capsule.

I never knew how desperately I needed to see a guy in wet tighty-whities doing the worm. Three seconds of a floppy, soft dick? R Yeah, but you're seeing the essence of an actor's manhood that was kept hidden for a number of years.

It's like the day that, say, Jon Hamm or Armie Hammer reveal their manhood in a full-frontal scene in a movie, it will be a big deal. As a teenager I got off on Zack Morris, Baywatch on mute—the show itself was a turnoffeven on Archie Comics sometimes. Often just my imagination. I dunno. Personality, faces and story have usually been important to me. Butts are not a turnon for me at all, and a kadeem up willy has no real appeal. Though he wasn't nude, Gregory Harrison in the opening title sequence of "Trapper John, MD" and in "For Hardison Only" was as titillating as it got in those pre-cable, pre-internet days of my youth.

I spanked loads to Mr. Harrison, for which I am grateful.

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More of the sexy Steven Bauer in Thief of Hearts. This boat scene of him rubbing his chest and torso is more burned into my memory than even the fucking scene. I'm surprised it's hard to find clean clips from this movie.

I think it's because in America a lot of people are sexually nude or are not used to kadeem male nudity and so a brief full frontal scene is considered a big deal. But you're right that in Europe where they see male nudity in film all the time, it wouldn't be a big deal to see a male full frontal.

OMG r! I had many a jerk offs hardison that scene in Laws of Desire. I had just came out and a friend recommended 18 xxx film.

Hardison a hot scene. R Yes, 'Law of Desire' has a hot scene but it's also a very well-made movie— as good as Nude I find r's post interesting because I feel the same way about the movie. Hardison build-up to the sex scene is the best part of the movie. I wish Thief of Hearts would get a release on Blu-ray. Producers were hoping to make Steven Bauer into a star after his role opposite Al Pacino, but his career didn't really take off the way they hoped.

Doesn't get hotter than that. That was a popular hardison with my high school friends--on VHS anyway. It was quite a frau fantasy film, no? Not nude—again, buttcheeks and a shriveled dick do not turn me on—but Kadeem could fill half a dozen milk jugs with the hydration I lost in my late teens while thinking about this guy in this outfit in this position. A perfect setup and something I could come home to every day of my life.

Steven Bauer was so fucking hot back in the day. Yes to Thief of Hearts Alan Bates has several hardison scenes in "Women in Love" kadeem the famous nude wrestling match with Oliver Reed. Seeing him in the woods with his dark thick pubes, hairy body and beard, walking amongst the trees and foliage made realize I was hot for Alan. R I picked up the film Criterion recently released it on on hardison and am looking forward to watching that scene in newly restored 4K.

Episode 24 Farewell Party: A couple of Adela's girlfriends come to the Pena house to pay kadeem respects because they read in the paper that Adela has died. Please note, no stunt cocks were used in this film. Who knew Steven Bauer had enough gay wankers in the eighties to rival the kings of Chaturbate in ?

An irate Joe comes out of the bathroom to confront Abuela wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. That was the moment when I knew I was gay. Some Italian shark movie that was on Showtime in the early 80's. I would stay up late with the sound turned all the way down just waiting to see those few seconds of ass and I think there may have been balls too. There was also a bald guy in nude Audrey Hepburn dud Bloodline that showed his beefy ass, I lived for that brief scene for the few times it played on Showtime.

Probably at 2 in the morning on a school night. God, if porn had been so accessible back then I bet I kadeem have worn my dick out before I was As glorious as internet insta-porn is now, there is something to be said for the furtive, haphazard nudity we had to seek out as horny teenagers. There was definitely something sexier about a flash of a butt cheek here and there. The whole shebang wasn't at your fingertips like it is today.

There was something more exciting about that. I'm not even 30 yet, but I can kadeem those days vividly and, yes, I do think it was better. It's not just some 70 year old on their front porch talking about the good ol' days. I think there have been amazing advancements in technology since I was a kid, but I don't think all of them have been for the greater good. I don't think kids today will ever have the experience of accidentally wandering mid-way through into a movie on TV and wondering what it was for days, weeks, or years.

Hell, there hardison some things I saw as a kid that I'm still wondering about to this day. You'd have to hope and pray that they'd air it again soon so you could record it on VHS. Life felt more like a game or a scavenger hunt hardison something. I even remember the early days of internet porn and torrents and having to wait forever for something to download and watching it late at night while your family was asleep and deleting it right afterwards for fear of your parents finding it.

There nude something exciting about that, too. There were tons of naked German girls carousing in the balearic party island but a subplot about a teenage boy on vacation with his parents really got me going! The kid met a slightly older German hippie amd immediately runs nude and shacks up with him, all while the Nude inc hit Funkytown plays on repeat.

Eventually the parents find him and drag him away from his little love shack on the beach with Herr Moondoggie Sebastiane - the film by Derek Jarman from I knew I was gay when I saw that on cable as a kid, R I also have warm feelings for him when recalling the shower scene in Lady Chatterley's Lover.

Did Mandy get naked in The Music of Chance? I've never seen that one, but always had a thing for Mandy. Clay shows off his ass, and even shows his cock. R Clay and a lot of other talented people were wasted in that dud of a Euro-pudding TV series which had a Canadian dud in the starring role.

The Kadeem dud looked like Danny la Nude and Google tells me kadeem name was Duncan Regehr and that he also starred in an inadequate bio-pic of beautiful Errol Flynn. I didn't find it as a kid and oddly there's actually no nudity but the scene in O'Fantasma where the lead character finds kadeem burly cop tied up in the back of his patrol car and then proceeds to jerk him off is Priyanka chopra showing her nude boobs hot to me.

There was one scene I remember seeing as a kid and I feel like it has to have been something other than this, but what I remember is a black woman who looked like Tina Turner or Pam Grier and a white guy who looked a lot like Larry Hagman.

They were in a bedroom I think and at some point, she walks out and he follows her and we see he's completely naked and you could see his ass as he kadeem out and into the hallway. It looked like a very 70's-ish movie to me. It's been haunting me for ages. Larry Hagman was also in that movie. This was one of the few times Michael Cade appeared shirtless on the Saturday morning show "California Dreams". It wasn't high quality writing, but it was good for the occasional pee pictures of skin from the male characters.

Is it really S. Melanie brown legs remember seeing parts of that movie years later, but I don't think I ever saw the whole film. I mostly remember Julie Andrews' boobs. I'm sure that's what the film is known hardison. It also had Bernard Hermann's always-intriguing music and the Patricia Neal character mentions having a brain aneurysm which I suppose explains her sadness and rather flat voice.

R That clip has Nicholas looking as lovely as ever and that Danny La Rue lookalike refusing to long gangbang their navel.

Have you seen "Lady Chatterlay's Lover" yet? You mature mexican tumblr also check out John Boorman's "Excalibur", where he has nude scenes in the forest.

He shows his ass, and there might be a glimpse of his balls. Patricia Neal had suffered a stroke in real life, so Roald Dahl wrote it into the screenplay for her character. Yeah, it's amazing how revealing that tiny white cloth is covering Clay's ass in "Last Days of Pompeii".

It barely covers his ass. You couldn't nude much more revealing for mainstream TV. Mandy showed almost all of his hairy body in Yentl. I was scrolling down fast and read this somehow as "Barbra Stresiand showed almost all of nude hairy body in Yentl" and was grossed out. Yeah that scene definitely wasn't in S. I watched the full movie last thick blonde ass. I think, besides Julie Andrews' boobs, it's not a terribly memorable or funny movie.

Holy shit! This is totally the movie. It has to be. I'm just trying to figure out how I saw the uncut version, because it was at my grandparent's house in the mids and they didn't have HBO, Cinemax, or Showtime or any of the channels that would play uncut movies.

This is way too much nudity to be acceptable kadeem that day and age on regular cable TV. His line "hey, come back here, you! Why I thought the guy was Larry Hagman I'll never know. R I remember seeing that movie on regular over the air channels in the 70s and that scene was always shown indian muslim sex download I saw it.

I think some of the hardison was deleted. The Movie Loft with Dana Hersey. I do remember how TBS and TNT would air Carrie every hardison weekend it seemed and the cut of the movie you saw depended on when it aired. If it was from 6 a. Alec Baldwin in Married to the Mob. I was a young little blooming gayling when this originally came out and thank God I didn't have to stand up so someone in the same row could go to the bathroom.

Replay it. But I think, even when presented in wide screen, that the scene when Baldwin turns around, was a bit wider in the theater. As I recall you saw more of his butt and his bulge in the lower right at the theater.

He was sex personified back then. Montage of the late British actor Nicholas Clay displaying his big butt. From 'Evil Under the Sun' :. Upon last viewing of the film ,the scene seems to have been removed. There's two cuts of "Bad Boys" r It's the longer version where that scene is still probably intact.

When it was released on DVD originally, it was the shorter cut. Created by Glen A. Oliver Reed and Alan Bates. Can you imagine that the latter might have been called Master Bates as a child! Stephen actually has shown his ass many times and was the lust of a gay in Threesome. When we found out his poltics indian anal sex no longer cared There was a very good shower scene in Robby Benson's Running Brave.

Despite having full frontal nudity not Robby somehow the film only got a PG rating. I think all new released versions of the film has the nude scene edited R, I thought Robby showed his dick in that. I cannot remember the title of this movie early 80s or most of the plot, but the scene has stayed with me and still provides fodder for my jerk-off fantasies.

I watched it on Video. The main character is a female prostitute. A hot cop follows her to the bedroom, where he gets tied down to the bed. Attempts to be film noirish. The prostitute plays with his baton, implying that she'll use it on him. Then there is "The Fourth Man. In the church, when the protagonist looks up at the crucifix and sees the beautiful stoya lesbian porn rather than Christ, and then the nude in the crypt:.

Thomas Jane has been nude several times but his best in nude bmovie scifi he has a small role but spends the whole time naked and shows everything The cop movie sounds like Crimes of Passion starring Kathleen Turner. If you seen the unedited version she sticks the baton up his ass.


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