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How's her teenage daughter gonna feel about that? Damn this blew up hella fast. If Superman wouldn't have created that damn lawsuit Instead, they gone be talmbout "gossip blogs". This thread has more layers than Farrah Fawcett's hairdo in the 70's. There is a saying, before you look into someone's house, clean yours first.

I watch the show Evelyn and Jennifer is always looking down at Royce, Wifeys world pussy. Like you naked than them "groupies" now or something Bitch did you forget where you came from?! Her Body looks good but her face upside down looks a Hott mess. But i like her alot. I just started watching jennifer show last night and from what I have already seen I cant tell she will not be my favorite one on the show. And the fact that she has something wives say about Royce but then turn around and do some shit like this Shaunie Xoneal do you have some influence on this fuckery?

With playoff's going on, looks like basketball players naked take your ratings? That must suck for you! Shaunie can we please add Dirk N ex girl to season 2, looks like she'll fit right in. Thanks x 7. I'm inclined to pictures this is for ratings. First Shaunie leaks all of Shaq's text messages with his different mistresses to YBF and then Pictures pics get leaked to the same site. It sounds too strategic and planned. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Howard won the judgment basketball Royce Reed for half a mil last year because she violated a court order, prohibiting her from talking about him in the press.

Like drawing blood from a stone …. I feel so sorry for Royce. She though she was on the come up having wives baby by a nba player LOL. Basketball Wives reality star Royce Reed is facing evictionall over jennifer failure to properly dispose of tampons.

The from plumbing backed up and flooded her studio, which her landlord is blaming on tampons, according to Royce, and is forcing her to pay for repairs. She says imgur porn is no evidence that the tampons belonged to her or her students from that they are trying to make business difficult for her by leasing the neighboring space to a gun store, making her dance studio less desirable to kids.

Royce is a bit of an interesting person so it very well is possible that she could have backed up the plumbing homemade milf threesome with the tampons.

Basketball Wives reality star Royce Reed is facing eviction, all over her failure to properly dispose of tampons. This is a good move for their child. Is it just me or does she have a new boyfriend almost every season?

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Charlemagne ask Royce Reed was she an industry hoe www. According to court docs obtained by TheJasmineBrand.

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Via US Today:. You have shown no meaningful remorse for your conduct. Read more. Just when you thought Dwight Howard and baby mama Royce Trish stratus xxx were finally getting along with co-parenting their son, they go and remind you that these two will forever hate each other.

Hated for no reason!!! Stay Tuned. We will keep you posted as the drama and season progresses! Original Article. After a well without smarts, these women become tools I agree that it really seems that Eric doesn't want to have anything to do with her. That "tranny" comment is funny because I had that same thought initially when I watched the first episode that she was on. But I think that Jennifer and Evelyn act too childish on the show.

Crashing parties and ish like that isn't a good look for "grown" women. I think the show itself generally kicks rocks though because none of these chicks are actually "Basketball Wives.

And I don't believe that Jennifer and Eric are even married anymore since these shows are taped months in advance. She must be trying to hold on to the lifestyle because that knot on dude's head is such a distraction LOL.

HIDE YA HUSBANDS! "Basketball Wife" Jennifer Williams' NAKED PICS Hit The Net!

But go ahead girl, get a good lawyer and get that divorce. That man doesn't want you, so stop playing yourself in public on TV like that. Hello my name is Richard Weare and I live in Calgary, Alberta in Canada and I am proud to say that I remy lacroix lexington to have a sex change to become a women with my own vagina and breasts.

I really want to start taking female hormones so I may grow my breasts and prepare me for my sex change to become a woman. Anyone who would like to communicate with me please phone me at But these don't seem too scandalous. Is it me or does she look very uncomfortable taking these pics.

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She didn't strike a sexy pose or nothing. She's pretty and even sexy but she doesn't come off as sexy and confident in these photos. First of all we don't know how teen farting this pictures are.

And why not; they were married. He's on the road a lot, had to try to keep the romance going somehow. Third, these pics aren't that nasty. She's taking a couple candid bathroom shots. I don't think she released them because what woman really wants her vagina displayed to the world unless she's getting paid Playboy money. It was probably her no-good husband.

I wouldn't be surprised if she did this herself ONDECK COM ondeck or bossyproductions. Oh, well damn. Wanky fake titties or not her body is in point. I give her 10 points for being sexy with her panties on. I said ON. So sad I hope Shaunie doesn't have any nude pic bc nobody wants to see her old had naked. I think her husband leaked them to get back at her bc he seemed panicked and defensive when she said she would leave him.

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jennifer from basketball wives naked pictures amateur mature handjob External image. Im really proud of Royce for distancing herself from the crazy drama that Basketball Wives brings. Viewers have been protesting the images on this season of fear that it negatively projects an image of African-American women to the public. Though there are many other shows like this Mob Wives, Housewife franchises that show negative images, this season of Basketball Wives took it to an extreme level. Also, African-Americans become more enraged of how they are seen on television.
jennifer from basketball wives naked pictures tumblr romantic sex Well here's one way to show your cheatin' ass husband you're about to divorce what he's missing. It's always the ones who act like their ish don't stink and that they're holier than thou isn't it? I wonder what her man Eric Williams and hs teeth think. And I wonder if he's the one who released these pics. J-Williams is a gorgeous woman so she shouldn't be too pissy about this. Outside of the fact her implants and waxed lady parts are on ful display. But hey, it happens to the best of 'em.
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