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Spoiler: Hetty. FaF himself does not divorce himself from his work. He throws massive tantrums and then tries to punish viewers for trivial things. Not that they weren't paying him. Not that he wasn't even making a large amount of money, because he was, to the tune of over two hundred USD a month. Because he didn't feel like he was being given 'enough. FaF lied about what this series was going to be about, and the direction it would take. Anyone who followed this story for that or took FaF at his word has a right reddit bigboobsgw be upset when he decides to go off and do his own weird netorare emotional abuse cuckoldry thing with it, particularly since some people actually donated money to him for what he said he would produce.

It's a very particular fetish and there isn't a lot of decent content for it. So every time we hetty for it, we run into FaF in one way or another, which means we run into his drama and attention whoring tantrums xxx games online well. If I wanted to masturbate to netorare and horrible emotional cuckoldry, I'd do that. But I don't. I just think women with round bellies are sexy. At least when I search for regular hentai, I comic filter out things I don't like, but with a small community like weight gain and feeding, you always end up running in recursive loops 4.

Hetty is a legitimately awful person who deserves all of the awful things in the world that hetty happen to her, and some of us actually read the words on the pages instead of just jacking it to the pictures.

This wasn't advertised as comic abusive domination relationship type-story. So anyone who isn't into that, and that would be the majority of us, will be very hetty off as they read the story, because this is not what they wanted or expected to get, and it really ruins the experience.

Spoiler: Highlights: Lots of images. Spoiler: Highlights: Even comic images.

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I knew he comic start being bigger and hardcore gangbang videos asshole each time something leaks but publishing private data of the person who did the leak? He outdid himself. So he is Russian and was living in Moscow, Russia until euromaidan in Ukraine when he became strongly anti-russian both people and government and moved to Ukraine Odessa? His real name is Vladislav Cherepanov.

Born 13 September in Kemerovo, Russia. Email: foox gmail. Last edited: Jan 6, A Guillermo del Asgoro kiwifarms. Hearing "furry fat fetish", I was honestly expecting masses of lard that put even the Slaton sisters to shame.


hetty comic gay cartoon porn pics See More by fafcomics2. Featured in collections. Hetty by meduermoz. Hetty by TeenWolf Featured in groups See All.
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