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This allows you to add and remove amrour parts and skins. In addition, it's possible to create custom armour using base armour models as well.

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I'm not skilled enough to work with it, but perhaps someone who is will find this to be really useful. I'm not certain of the scope of his program, but it looks promising regardless.

Here's the thread.

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Another thing to note: Guild Wars 2 is completely free to play now, so there's no barriers. Last edited: Apr 26, Joined Apr 25, I really enjoyed GW2. Unsure if I want to go back to it but a good set of mods will definitely be enticing. Ninski Potential Patron. Joined May 31, I'd love to see some mods for GW2, It's still a great game and has beautiful graphics. Daedalus Content Creator.

Joined Dec 9, Location Belgium. Fashion's a real letdown ingame, so a mod might spice things up.

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Hell, maybe someone'll come up with bikini armor or even a mod mod. Vergil Content Creator. Force the offenders to wear bland clothes, they won't stand out in any way. Not by being naked, not by wearing clown clothes. Nude - twitch. It's not stupid.

Anet doesn't want people running around naked in PvP, but certain armor slots don't unlock on lvl 1 which is why they don't require those slots for armor rating in PvP gw2 PvE levels should give no adventage here. What did you say? Do you understand the honor and the audacity to be able to play naked?

[Guild Wars 2] A possible new way to mod Guild Wars 2 that is quite promising. | Undertow

Do you know you need to be extremely skillful and have infinity knowledge of this game to try to play naked? That's why only a very few gifted people can perform this beautiful act and of course you can't.

I don't think OP is complaining about the people who can pull it off. But there are a lot of copycats out there who think they can get away with it when in reality they just end up handicapping their teams. I actually used to do the same thing.

Glassy or not Either way it's gone.

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Wakthor Thorwak. It is still an easy to avoid disadvantage. Not acceptable unless all other people in team did give him permission. I've never been a big fan of the naked penalty.

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I'll put a task on our backlog to change it. Though, it's low priority so I don't know when nude get to it. Ben Phongluangtham. I thought every thing is given by amulet. I used to run around naked all the time. At first I didn't know you took more damage but afterwards I really didn't care. If you cater to a player that don't like how other players choose to play then you will need to cater to every whim of every player that doesn't like how other players play. The naked penalty has to stay to at least try to keep pvp a little more serious and mod be a bunch a monkeys running around in undies.

Also if you nude this for pvp all game modes are gw2 to ask for this as well and it's a bad hole to open. Posted by: Duke Darkwood. Duke Darkwood. This player instance is news to me, though. And slightly different, spicy tranny hd that they keep their boots, gloves, gw2 and head! Posted by: Everlast. This is how he is the rest of the year, mod then he dresses on for halloween! Posted by: Jason King. Jason King. Thanks for the reports, everyone!

Thanks again! All assets, page layout, visual style belong toph porn ArenaNet and are used solely to replicate the original design and preserve the original look and feel. Guild Wars 2. Bugs: Game, Forum, Website. NSFW bug? Naked female bug.

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Old Forums Archive. Thus the Dragonhunter came to be. Sexy Cynn nude mod 0 0. Guild Wars Ritualistin Topless 4 0. Removes the bra of the Ritualistin and adds a small tattoo. Note: This version has been updated to remain compatible with GW. Reyna Guild Wars nude patch 0 0. Livia Topless nudity mod 0 0.


gw2 nude mod dominique van hulst nude Either you punish them for the obvious trolling, either you allow them to be naked without losing stats. How much more damage do you take without armor anyway? I know Frostball does it and otter bareback doesn't seem to take that much more damage. This armor system is also stupid where some parts dont count and others do. I had an argument the other day with some naked teammates.
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gw2 nude mod japanese girls porn images Guild Wars nude mod Xandra 1 2. Guild Wars. Winged Seduction naked patch Guild Wars 3 0. This patch here stripped of the Paragon classes. Apparently 3 versions are included. Nudepatch by Vergil 0 0. Bitter previously read exactly the readme!
gw2 nude mod how do i get into shemale porn Posted by: Farzo. That might be something to fix! But yeah, this is probably a glitch in the routine that changes players from their armor to their swimsuits when they put the goggles on before diving. Posted by: Conncept. Actually, someone could have done this on purpose, but that seems unlikely. This reminds me a lot of The naked man from iriginal Guild Wars :P.
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