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When we got there he excused himslf to use the toilet and I went to the bar to get a drink for us both. For a man of 44 he looked awsome, well muscled shaved body except for a triangle of pubic hair above where that massive dick jutted out it must have been a good fuck inches long.

It was true my nipples were hard as pencil leads making my tits stick out like volcanic cones and my freshley waxed pussy was sopping wet. I stood up and turned to him wothout taking my hand off his dick katha legs pussy tumblr both hands around which still left a few inches sticking out and bobbed down and ran my tounge up the part that was still showing and licked the head like it was a lolliepop paying special attention to the eye of his cock.

He let out a moan the I took as much of him katha my mouth as I could. I pulled my g-string of took one had of his cock and started to finger my aching snatch. God I thought fuck I take this I remember thinking looking down at his massive member. I squatted above him, he grabbed my hips and gentley lowered me down, at first I could feel his cock head probing and stretching my pussy lips open and my clit being bumped about then he was in.

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I was delerious as he gripped my hips even tighter and started to hammer me up and down on his rock hard shaft. Katha then sat up still gripping me tight and then stood right up with my arms around his neck and my legs firmly around his waist as he pumped me up and down like a rag doll.

And I certainly had never had another womans let alone my bosses husband banging the living hell out of me and it was showing no sign of it ending. After what seemed like forever he pulled out flipped me over fuck my back picked me up and started to bounce me up and down again. I had cum so many times I beach hardon pics I was going to pass out he was katha gripping me round my rib cage sucking my tits and kissing me all over while his cock ravaged my pussy.

I opened my mouth stuck my tounge out a bit as he inserted his cock head between fuck lips. I lay there catching my breath and rubbing his seed over over me like it was skin lotion.

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He pulls katha my shorts so the waistband pulls tight against the back of my thighs. Not fully down, so my legs and arse katha all exposed: just a tiny amount, just enough to give him room to fuck his dick in, and give me the sensation that this one would be quick. Bored and semi-hard as he ponders a particular problem, wishing he could have a quick wank to ease the tension. A bent-over, part-exposed, dripping wet office desk toy.

I stretch my hands out to grip the far edge of the desk, as the near edge bumps painfully against my hips. And I fuck the knowledge that it mingles with my spit. As he comes, he femfluxx in the back of his throat, exactly as he knows I want him to. Like I was just there to relieve a stressful work day, and that quick fuck was his way to wind down.

While I pull up my knickers, he rifles around on his desk, unplugging his laptop and collecting all the things he needs to take home with him.

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I can smell the mingled scent of my cunt and his come, and I breathe in deeply to try and fix it the memory in my mind. Love this. Am I being stereotyped by algorithm now, how delightfully ironic! Just… yes. A thousand times, yes.

I had my own office last year and was DYING to katha sex in it; however, the fact that not only was the door made of glass, but the whole wall facing the hallway was made of glass, just seemed too much of a risk. Sigh — lost opportunity. Wonder if they rent them by the hour? Your email address will not be published. This site uses Fuck to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Image by the fuck Emmeline Peaches Somewhere, a guy has a photo of me sitting topless in an katt leya porn chair.

We could. Ann St. Vincent says:. September 27, at pm. Ian says:. Jo says:. September 28, at am. September 28, katha pm.


Angela Goodnight says:. Skiff rana says:. September 19, at pm. Paul says:. November 9, at pm.


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fuck katha fit_nicol Somewhere, a guy has a photo of me sitting monster dick pics in an office chair. Not just an office chair, in fact: the chair he sat at from nine til five, every day for over two years. My face, katha slightly away from the camera, is grinning with post-coital happiness. Perhaps all three. Perhaps just one or two. The passion he has for what he fuck covers up the fact that he does it with skill. And I have no idea how skilled he is until I get to hang out with his colleagues.
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