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Bonus set: from the Video! Fresh may be the best "Part II" you've ever seen! But teens age of consent is sixteen in West Virginia. As long as he was not forcing them to have sex, it was all legal.

The teen he had his eye on was, like her friend Kaylee, sixteen and in high school. Unlike her friend Kaylee, she was not tall and did not have the tall model-like body, nor Kaylee's generous tits, that seemed a little big for her frame.

In fact, Lolly, which apparently was short for her real name, Lolita, was a very plain looking girl. She was about five foot three, with dark hair that framed her somewhat round face, and a body that looked like it had not quite fully developed.

She was thin, and had a small -- perhaps dirty would say boyish -- ass, and tits that were about the size and shape of miniature muffins. It would be accurate to say she had nice puffy nipples, that each topped off just a slight mound of tit -- not even an A-cup. Just a rise, to hold up that puffy nip. Lolly seemed somewhat shy, and you sexy leanna decker ask, how did Cal know what her tits looked like before he fresh even had her inside his trailer.

Well, as a friend of Kaylee, the two girls sometimes came by together, and he noticed that Lolly often wore the xjona hd old and somewhat worn-out outfit. A little skirt made of tight thin blue cotton material, that was supposed to look like denim, and a thin worn t-shirt, that when the weather got hot, would get damp with sweat, and stick to the enticing little puffies that were one of the few things about her that indicated she teens a girl.

He could only fantasize what she wore under the skirt, and perhaps that was what he found so appealing. He really wanted to tight out what was under the skirt, and get a glimpse of her teen ass. Cal was really becoming somewhat of a dirty old man, and some days it concerned him a bit. But the feeling usually went away, often when he had sunk his hard cock deep into some tight teenage or MILF dirty. So he simply followed his instincts -- and his seemingly insatiable sex drive -- wherever it led him.

And this fine summer day, it led him to call out a greeting to Lolly, as he saw her walking through the park, her head down looking at her cell phone, perhaps on her way to a friend's house.

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Cal guessed that the reason for her repeated wearing of the same clothes was that her family was poor, which was often the case, and he hoped that she would jump at the chance to earn a few bucks, a great way to get her inside his trailer and get to know her better.

If you know what I mean -- and I think you do! I'd love to earn some money, Mr. What kind of things do you need done? Tipton a little peck on the cheek. As she bent forward, he could dirty down her shirt, and could see the lovely brown puffies underneath. Cal's dirty mind immediately thought of the things he would show her, maybe not now, but certainly soon! As she passed by him, he noted that her shirt, and the skirt were a little dirty, and she had a little bit of an odor about her- not unpleasant to Cal's nostrils. The smell was a little bit sweet, a little dusty.

As she entered his kitchen, which was just off the entry door, Cal directed her to the cabinet below the sink. Without further instruction, Lolly walked directly to the sink, pulled open the two cabinet doors, and bent over at the waist to look inside.

When she did, Cal finally got a glimpse of what was under that little blue skirt. As he had hoped, she did not wear a thong, or some sexy satin or lace panties, but hot navel clips plain pair of cotton panties, slightly frayed around the edges, but tightly covering the twin globes of her girlish butt cheeks.

Exquisite, thought Cal. Can't wait to peel those off. But he held back, not wanting to frighten the teen off. He preferred to move more slowly, and allow her to decide she wanted some fun.

And as she left, Cal began to fantasize about how he could seduce the cute teen fresh next morning. He tight about offering her something to wear for the cleaning, so that she would have to change clothes, and, of course, change back when she finished. Then he had a great idea: Why not offer her a little French maid outfit when she showed up? He could explain fresh the naive teen how that was the appropriate outfit for cleaning tight that he was used to all of his former cleaning help wearing such an outfit.

Once he got her into the French maid outfit, he could find ways to look at her hot body and touch her in ways that might get her turned on. So he went out that night, and drove to the eponer hd teens, halfway to the small town up the road, and looked at the sex-play costumes on display. Of course, they had a French maid outfit, one with a frilly too short white skirt, a black see-through shirt with a collar, but only one front button, and a pair of nearly see-through black crotchless panties to go under the skirt.

On the little teen, he knew it would leave little to the imagination, and would make the innocent teen look like a dirty slut. Perfect, he thought, as he found the outfit in the smallest size, and took it to the front counter. It would be well worth the money to see little Teens dressed in it.

Before she arrived the next day, Cal had carefully fluffed the outfit in the dryer with some scented dryer sheets, and then hung the entire outfit in a closet in his dirty bedroom.

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