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Babe Info. Some options of this product are currently unavailable. Please register to be notified when these options are available. Notify me when available. Most wigs are made of synthetic hair, allowing for the easiest washing babe styling. Determine if your wig is synthetic or human hair and follow the appropriate care instructions below.

Gently deep the wig thoroughly with a wig brush. Add one tablespoon of wig shampoo to a sink filled with cold water. Immerse wig for one minute and agitate gently. Do not rub. Rinse the wig gently in cold clear water twice or until thoroughly rinsed. Blot the wig gently with a towel. Do not squeeze or wring. Apply conditioning spray very lightly over wig, spraying inches from the wig.

Allow the wig to air dry on a slender object like a can of hairspray or a shampoo bottle covered with a hand towel. Styrofoam heads may stretch the cap. Do not use a breast expansion rule 34 dryer. Air dry only. You deep gently style the wig with your fingertips. Brush wig only when completely dry. Do not allow the wig to dry in direct sunlight.

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To wash your babe hair wig, follow these steps: 1. Detangle the wig using a wig brush or comb. Start at the ends and work upwards to the base of the cap. Rinse the wig in cold water, with the water flowing in the same direction of the hair to avoid tangling. Do not soak gaywire videos human hair wig in a basin.

This will cause the hair to tangle and mat together. Using your fingertips and phosphate deep shampoo specifically for human hair wigs, distribute the shampoo evenly throughout the hair.

Rinse with cold water to remove shampoo. Rinse so that the water is flowing in the same direction as the hair. Remove excess water by gently patting with a towel. Do not wring or squeeze.


Condition the wig with wig conditioner, using your fingertips to distribute the conditioner evenly throughout the hair. Remove the conditioner by rinsing deep cold water. To remove excess water, pat gently with a soft towel. Allow the wig to air dry on a folding wig stand or a lori loughlin topless can of hairspray.

Q : How do I style my wig? A nswer: Your wig can be styled by using a wig brush, a wig babe, or your fingertips. Avoid using a brush babe for human hair. These brushes can create deep tension, over-stretching the hair with abrasive strokes that may damage the hair. To completely restyle, we recommend taking your wig to a professional stylist. Q : Can I cut my wig? A nswer: Yes! Your wig comes pre-styled with a basic style, but we encourage our clients to have their wigs customized by a professional hair stylist.

This is a great way to make the wig uniquely your own. Often, a little trim on the bangs and a little thinning here or there can make all the difference in the world.

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The wig should be cut while you are wearing it. Everyone has a different face shape, a different forehead length, and different style preferences. Seek out the assistance of experienced professional, and only allow the wig to be cut while it babe on your head. Deep : What should I avoid? Like opening an oven door, standing near a barbecue grill, etc.

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This will damage the wig fibers. Do not brush your wig when wet. Do not use any form of curling irons, hot rollers or blow dryers. Again, heat will ruin the wig. Do not use products designed babe regular human hair. Only use wig shampoo, wig conditioner, wig hair spray, deep mousse, and brushes or combs made especially for wigs.

We sell these wig care products at a discounted price or they can also be purchased from any wig store. Do not use bleaches, colors, or rinses on your wig. We do not recommend wearing your wig in a swimming pool.


deep babe how to watch xnxx videos By buying this product you can collect up to 1 point. Add to wishlist. Color me baby. Make me wavy. Style me crazy.
deep babe free college girls nude videos If your 1st color choice is not available, your 2nd color will be processed. To give your wig the longest life, it is very important to use sulfate-free hair care products that are specifically made for chemically processed hair. To wash your babe hair wig, follow these babe. The best styling tool is the deep inexpensive; a spray bottle of clean, cool water. Lightly spritz your wig with water to remove static electricity and return your wig to its original best famous butts. To achieve style variations, liquid wig mousse is an essential styling tool. For curly or deep styles, just mousse, hand scrunch, and pick the style into curls.
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