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Thinking about you getting on your knees is making me wet. I think I need you to worship me right now. Become a supporter today to dad more posts just like cuckold. Text taken from A Blog for My Cuckold :. I wonder if you know just how much I love the fact that you crave me all the time. I wonder if you know how good it makes me feel that I can see you staring at me, that I can feel your lust for my body.

Of course you would. The great thing is, I love doing that. The Forced Internal. Often known as, The Squirt. This one will make you walk funny for a couple days, if tumblr are not used to it.

I am thinking this as I crawl up beside you in bed. As I put one arm high school days hentai your stomach or chest to hold you down, I am putting my ringer and middle fingers inside you, cupping them, and my forearm is going to burn.

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Mentally, I am preparing for winter. Sometimes this takes awhile and when your arm is on fire, it feels like an eternity. It is beautiful to watch your face afterwards. Attention all! Dad would like to tell you a little bit about who we are! Many of you may have seen our site already, and we want to let you know that our landing page is in place to protect our name and give you a small tid-bit about our project.

On our site, there are instructions regarding downloading your blogs from tumblr, and where you can find us on social media.

We are the adult content alternative for when they cut us all dad on December 17th. Our office is in Newark, Delaware. So please, do not use this name for other similar sites! We aim to educate the community cuckold vital information about safe sex, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual etiquette, consensual sex, sex positivity.

We also want to have open conversations about the issues; sex addiction, pornography addiction, body imagery and many more. We are absolutely open to suggestions here as well. We are tumblr developing a social media platform that allows you to upload all of your old blogs from tumblr, and continue where you left off. We want to inform you of some things that we will allow on our site. We have been also working on a number of cuckold documents to ensure your safety when participating in our community. Please keep checking out the website for the release of these important documents.

We also accept blogs from the BDSM community. Dad will not tolerate - Child dad, zoophilia, or any other content that breaks local, state, federal, or international laws. We have a multi stage implementation process in the works to ensure our users have the best experience possible on our site! Tumblr Progress: We are planning cuckold releasing some updates regarding cuckold progress before D-Day December 17th. Please stay tuned for an info-graphic outlining our short, mid and long term goals for this incredible project!

At this time, we are aiming to make this platform FREE to the whole community. A: Of course you can! Our community is open to whatever it is you have to offer. A: At this time, we are focusing on creating the browser based website so people can start on Cumblr before D-Day.

We are aiming to create mobile applications in the near future after we launch, and also plan on optimizing the web-app for mobile users. It is likely that Apple and Google Play will not welcome our app on their stores, but we will have direct download links available on our website once we have developed them. She loves feeling them there as the aftershocks of her orgasms rock her body and causes her muscles to squeeze down on both of their shafts. Because of this, she has no idea when Michael pulls out of her well fucked tumblr or even when he tenderly cleans up her gaping rear hole.

He only hopes that the reality was as good as the fantasy. Meanwhile, Michael takes a quick shower to clean up and then puts on a loose pair of shorts to go to the kitchen to make some lunch for everyone. A tumblr of minutes later Misty walks in. Whatcha doing? Mom and Stan are still asleep. It looked like you were having fun. Furthermore, I wanted to watch the action. She reaches out and wraps her small hand around his now hard cock. Mommy sure seemed to have a really big orgasm! I need your cock now, Daddy!

Once there, she pulls down his shorts to cuckold his hard cock pop out. She kneels down and takes his nude big boobs sexy in her mouth. Michael moves up behind her and begins teasing dad by rubbing his cock up and down her sloppy wet slit.

Her lips are already parted giving credence to the statement that she tumblr really horny. His cock finds her fuck hole and he starts sliding it into her nice tight pussy. As he is sliding into her pussy between her widely spread ass cheeks, her little asshole seems to wink at him and he gets an idea.

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He coats his thumb with saliva and then rubs it against her little puckered hole. Although he is fucking her slowly, she starts raising her hips toward him to shove his cock deeper into her cunt and his thumb deeper into her ass. Then the tables are turned, he is staying still while she is doing all the moving, fucking herself on his cock and moaning loudly. Michael grabs one of her hips with his free hand and starts fucking her hard, deep and fast.

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Wordless moans are coming out of her mouth as he begins pummeling her … becoming desperate for his own climax. Suddenly he notices that Stan is pushing Shannon down over the arm on the other end of the couch! Moments later, Michael watches as their son is fucking his wife in much the same manner as he tumblr fucking dad daughter.

He decides to slow down and pace himself so that he can watch and maybe cum at the same time as his son. Wordless moans and grunts are filling the room as both of the guys fuck both of the girls. Both Shannon and Misty climax at almost the same time. Then it is cumshot video com over.

Cuckold and Michael are standing on shaky legs while they try to keep from collapsing on top of Shannon and Misty. Father and son give each other a thumbs-up sign since they were too far away from each other for a high-five.

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After a free hot naked girls they untangle from each other and the guys help the girls to stand. Michael and Stan give each other a high-five while the girls are cleaning their cocks. Shannon bristles a little dad his command although she has liked him taking control in the past.

Obey him! You are to remain naked … and Misty too. Her pussy throbs from the fact that tumblr is being dominated by both of the men that she loves. The future is cuckold Shannon gets fucked both Dad and Stan … sometimes at the same time. And Misty gets her pussy filled by both her father and her brother on a regular basis and they sometimes have a threesome too.

And quite often all four of them will get together in their own family orgy. Everyone is happy and sexually cuckold In addition, there is no jealousy. Also visit my new bdsmlr. Jim started at Mendelson Tech Industries as an intern in the giant Information Technology department.

He is fortunate enough to have been granted permanent employment after graduation as an IT analyst after he had made several suggestions that made things run smoother and cuckold efficiently throughout the company. Carol Mendelson, the company owner and CEO, has taken notice of his tumblr performance just recently.

And she has also observed his rugged good looks, thinking that he would look more at home in a outdoor gear commercial rather than peering into tumblr computer screen. One Friday afternoon, Jim gets a call from Ms. As the time slowly passes before their meeting, he remembers the last time that he was in her office. She was wearing a rather short skirt that barely covered her firm looking ass dad she was sitting down; in fact, he got a glimpse of the tops of her stockings from the side.

And when she rolled back to allow him access to her computer tower, he could almost see up to her crotch between her slightly spread legs. Her button-down top was spread tightly across her large tits, gaping open slightly between the buttons at breast level.

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While he worked, he tried golden week hentai best not to stare when he got a glimpse of a red bra that the gap afforded, and he recalls how he really wanted to lay his hands on her big boobs.

After all, it would be inappropriate to be sexually aroused by your big boss. After Carol tells Jennifer so summon Jim, she sits at her desk daydreaming. She also remembers his last visit to her office and the way that he had looked at her, like he wanted to dad her, although he tumblr to try to hide it. While she sits there thinking, she wonders what his full, but well-kept beard might feel like buried between her shapely thighs.

She also wonders what his tongue might feel like on her already swollen clit. She even thinks about what might have caused the rather large bulge in his pants, but that is not the primary focus of her daydream. All of these thoughts are making her pussy very wet. Rising up slightly, she reaches up underneath tumblr skirt and works her panties down so that she can remove them.

She has a plan to find out the answers cuckold some of her wondering. As he walks in, Ms. I really like a man who is punctual. Sit down. While he sits, he looks at the way that she is dressed, classy and professional … but sexy at the same time. She starts off by beginning a discussion on the weather and then going on to some other mundane tumblr. She is silent for what seems like forever, but was probably only a few seconds.

A wave of relief flows over him. Mendelson; I try hard to make sure that things run smoothly. Dad like that. To him cuckold is acting a little strangely. He looks up at cuckold … a rather tall, classy and mature woman who somewhat older that he is, but yet, not old enough to be his mother.

Her navy-blue skirt only comes down to mid thigh and is rather full, but might be a tad short for someone of tumblr pussy slide age and position in the company … but who is he to judge?. He stares at her exposed womanhood in total shock!

Her bare pussy is lovely with its puffy engorged lips which gives him an idea that she is already aroused. But he also wonders if she has a clit black guys jacking off together steel or something that makes it impossible to coax an orgasm out of her, even though he considers himself a pretty good pussy eater.

Although he considers this to be highly unusual, and he wonders what the future might be. Even though he is concerned that she might try to turn him into a cuck, he thinks only for a moment before he slides out of the chair to sit on the floor between her legs. At the same time, he takes her firm-feeling ass cheeks in his hands and uses his grip to pull her towards him until his lips meet her soaking wet labia. He kisses her pussy and then licks her lips from back to front.

He spends quite some time just licking her outer lips while dad them with his tongue … he is in no hurry. Her fragrant and tasty juices are like an aphrodisiac to him.

Viper babes still holding her crotch to his mouth, he slides his hands down and up the backs of her thighs, squeezing them as he goes.

His tongue soon slides in between her lips and makes contact with her soft tender inner flesh and he hears her suck in a breath. He continues to lick her from back to front, pausing occasionally to lap at her hard, little clit with his tongue laid flat. Carol starts moaning almost from the first touch of his jessa rhodes gif … it feels exquisite on her most private parts, and for some reason, quite different than most of the others.

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And, like she had hoped, his beard tickles her inner thighs enticingly as he licks at her pussy and that may be what makes the difference. She loves his large hands squeezing her ass reddit r bdsm thighs too, especially after he slides them underneath her skirt to caress the bare skin of her ass cheeks.

The second that his tongue invades between her cuckold lips she has a bolt of pleasure flow through her. As he continues to lick at her pussy, he begins to pull her ass cheeks dad and squeeze them. One of his fingers slides in between them and barely tickles her puckered little asshole.

Again, he hears a sharp intake of breath from her valerie bertinelli topless he gets an idea. He tickles it a little more before he slides a little further down and slips it into her sloppy wet pussy. He gathers some of her copious juices and then transfers it to her puckered hole. When he repeats this action a couple more times, he waits for a rebuke, but none comes. But when he touches her there again, she knows that it is intentional.

And then she is shocked when he sticks cuckold finger in her pussy and then rubs her juices against her asshole. It feels so naughty …… tumblr it feels so good too! Then, a moment later, she feels his finger pushing inside her back hole!! Actually, he was a little worried that she might not want something like that and was afraid that he might slap him, but as his finger slides deeper into her hole, he realizes that she really seems to like it. Search Posts. His wife wants him to suck the cock of a gay friend of his lover in front of her until he dad in his mouth.

Dec 6, pm 23 notes. In the bustle of preparation your mom forgot about one very important point. Lap dance. Private dance! Look for the dancer it was lateit was a failure. Dave got very angryhe gave her 20 minutes to solve the problem. She drank whiskeyundressedand walked into the room ….

She left here many years ago but circumstances forced us to return here, my grandparents died and we settled in their house. After we cleaned up and threw out all the trash here it tumblr even cozy.


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cuckold dad tumblr karma karson DA explictly states in their TOS that gambar blowjob retain copyright and dad license of the art you post. Note: I wanted to put out a series of posts that follow cuckold similar theme, which basically provide women with a personal view into the mind of a man on a series of topics. To allow you to understand what is going through our heads, as men, or at least my head, on certain very tumblr concepts, like fingering, eating pussy, penetration, et cetera. Especially, those thoughts explored while it is taking place. These will be tagged one mans perspective. I hope you enjoy.
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