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Lewd and casual sets will be given in a personal link created just for you. This allows me to track and trace it back to you if you disperse them against my knowledge. Discord and snapchat are found in previous posts and just require lewds the tag bitsy posts. I do not accept refunds. Recent posts by Bitsy. By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to exclusive posts.

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How it works. So much for caring about your fans though, you can literally see the other name on the back of the fansign. Bitsy being a bit of an ass, from the album I linked above.

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I'd love bitsy hear this story, if she finds out what can she really do to you? Or if you're so worried about it and would be willing you could message me privately about it because I'm personally really interested.

I want to be certain of her true character irl, bitsy than just a bunch of anons from some forum I read. And maybe if it gets enough attention the mod lewds move it to the Little Snowflake jamaican students fucking who knows.

I think she belongs there as well. Her IG isn't even the worst part of it. It's literally just full of aesthetics to please the IG crowd. She has a tattoo of something written I'm assuming to be korean as well if you scroll later on into it.

I lived with Bitsy for 7 months : Drama

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Bitsy Started by benny2 Oct bitsy bitsybae. Share this post Link to post. Horror Fear to the limit of fun.

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bitsy lewds taxi gif Started by benny2 Oct Posted 2 Oct Anybody a fan of Bitsy? I like her newer cosplays but her older ones like Jinx and Alice aren't the best plus the heavy photoshopping. I've bitsy following her recently and people have said she is a brat outside of cons and lies a lot but she seems pretty genuine to her fans. She has had a lot of hospitalizations as of late and had her hand out for money which I'm not the lewds of.
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