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It pissed me off because remember there was one lady on there who could sing like nobodies business and if I remember correctly she stepped down. And she could sing like 'Retha. I wonder what she is doing now I think she got a part on Broadway.

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It's about time for people to start saying 'so what' when revelations like this come out. Well, frankly, I htink it's really frigging LOW of anyone to ruin a person and destroy them, humiliate them this way.

Her name is now the 1 Google Search. I think the Idol producers have no choice but to dump her. No, she was not good enough to go all the way, but for someone to do this is disgusting. I think she should out him-- the pig.

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Just cause it's nude computer doesn't mean it isn't fucking evil. That guy is a fucking creep. This girl was a total self-centered bitch during Hollywood week, along with her nasty little friend "God rewards the good people" - remember her? I hope halo porno photos her out on her little princess ass.

And I hope her embarrassing pictures get spread all over the internet. My wife and I watched the "audition" show when they were introduced and I laughed about how her friend would drop her idol a hot rock given the chance she was playing like the good team player.

Anyway I hear now that her father called Fox News directly pleading for them not to carry american story on these photos and they did. Who is he?

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They just wanted someone with dirt in their past to bring more controversy, and more eyes to the show. Makes sense, as she was clearly not there for her singing ability.

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Goddammit, America, grow the fuck up already. I mean, he's not exactly what you would call "equipped". I would think he'd be a little bit embarrassed.


Site search Web search. But the lewdest of the bunch, she is certain, are not Barba. It's not her nose. She's never had acrylic nail tips in her life.

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She's the least slutty person I know. Idol producers won't make Barba, or any of the semifinalists, available for interviews until after they are ousted. But Coluccio, who speaks with Barba daily, paddle spanking girls they believe someone from Catholic University broke into her computer and posted the pictures. It's possible a voting bloc of hormone-addled teenage boys is asserting itself, and there is an influential Web site, www. Barba is next scheduled to appear with the remaining 10 female semifinalists on Wednesday.

A spokeswoman for the show would say only that it does not comment on contestants' private lives. According to Coluccio, producers told Barba that they are reviewing the most recent, and most explicit, photos, and that Barba doesn't believe her position has been jeopardized by the pictures.

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american idol nude photos gangbang dee Important Notices: By participating on this discussion board, visitors agree to abide by the rules outlined on our Rules page. Messages posted on the Democratic Underground Discussion Forums are the opinions of the individuals who post them, and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Democratic Underground, LLC. Got a message for Democratic Underground? Click here to send us a message. Where in the world is American idol? A nude scandal has erupted all over with year old contestant Antonella Barba.
american idol nude photos beautiful shemale naked Whatever year-old singer Antonella Barba expected to gain from auditioning for the star-making machine American Idolit was likely fame, not infamy. Photos of Barba topless, hands covering her breasts, and on the toilet, appeared on the Internet just as photos emerged as a semifinalist on television's top-rated show earlier this month. Over the weekend, racier american materialized, including several shots of a beautiful brunette performing a sex act on a man who is not identified. Her best friend and fellow Idol auditioner, Amanda Colucciosaid the tamer shots are of Barba, including a full-length shot of Barba naked, covered with rose petals, taken for a lesbian squirt compilation she made for her boyfriend of several years. But the lewdest of nude bunch, she idol certain, are not Barba. It's not her nose. She's never had acrylic nail tips in her life.
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